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Apr 9, 2023
Hi all. I'm new to this forum and my daughter (13) has been competing xcel for a number of years. She broke the top of her left radius and ulna in 2019 and over the summer broke her right radius and it required surgery. We went for a checkup and she has gymnast wrist on both sides. The doctor ordered 3 months of non weight bearing and X-rays back again at the end of June. She was already on the borderline of thinking about moving on from gymnastics because she wanted to try something new in high school. My concern is that after 3 months if she wants to go back to the gym, will we be in the same place 3 months later. Is it better to steer her away at this point? She wouldn't want to loop the same level and I'm concerned that if she chases platinum we will be seeing more injuries. I have loved the time she has had in the gym and I am sad to see her career in gymnastics end. But I don't want her to chase a losing battle. Any advice would be amazing! Thank you.
Is she wearing tiger paws. My daughter wears them for floor, beam and vault. if Not for tiger paws she would not have been able to keep on keeping on.
Is she getting physical therapy? I have never found GW to be career-ending, but have also never heard of "rest alone" as the treatment. The beauty of Xcel is she should be able to stay with it and also try other things. Does it have to be one or the other?
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