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  1. Sam1910

    Parents Help for unmedicated daughter with ADHD in tumbling

    My daughter is 9 and has been tumbling since April. She’s really good (she moved over from trampoline) and has quickly picked up skills to move up the groups in her gym. We went on holiday in summer and she came back with the biggest mental block ever and just refused to flic. Her coaches have...
  2. I

    Parents Daughter says she is horrible and wants to quit after the year is up

    My daughter is a late starter in gymnastics terms. I put her in rec when she was 7yo for one session (two months) and at the end of the session, the coaches upgraded her to the train with the 10yo in an Advanced class. Did one session of that and then quit because we had to move across country...
  3. O

    Parents Daughter is pushed from JO to excel

    My dd competed L7 in JO last season, came 3rd even after an injury. All summer she worked and did not miss any practice except one week when we had a family vacation. She even asked to stay back and keep training. This is her passion. She was all-around champion last year. She is still working...
  4. M

    Parents What does your daughter’s schedule look like as a lvl 10 gymnast?

    What does your daughter schedule look like as a level 10 gymnast?
  5. A

    Anon How do I help my daughter focus on HER gymnastics, and not worry about what her teammates are or aren't doing?

    There is a girl in my daughters training group (training level 9/10) who is driving her crazy (they are both 12). She comes home most days complaining about how this girl cheats on conditioning, never doing full amount of reps and cheats on assignments, for example if they are told to make 3...
  6. M

    Parents Will my daughter be on the track?

    I have a daughter who recently turned 9 years old. Currently she is competing level 4 NGA and want her to move to the USAG track cause my daughter’s goal is to do college gymnastics. She recently got assessed and got invited to do a trial with a level 3 team on the USAG track. If she is 9 and...
  7. F

    WAG Daughter just turned 11, wants to hit lvl 10

    So my girl, just turned 11, will be in Gold this year, she could of been in Gold last year according to her old coach, but we switched gyms and we were fine to roll with Silver. She scores in the 39's, first in state, etc. Our gym goes from Platinum to lvl 6 or some go from Gold to lvl 7. I'm...
  8. S

    Parents Daughter frustrated

    Hi everyone. My daughter is 10 and she trains with the lowest competitive group in the club she belongs to. This is only for 4 hours a week and they only compete on floor and vault. I top this up with 4 hours of lessons from the local authority, where she is outgrowing their programme, training...
  9. GymnastMomX2

    Parents Daughter hates competing?

    My daughter is a 12 year old level 8 and can't stop talking about how much she hates competition season, keeps saying she can't wait for it to be over so she can work on upgrades and not worry about routines. She wasn't like this last year as a 7, however she was scoring high 37s last year, and...
  10. S

    Parents Looking for advice on my daughter's gymnastics track

    Hello! My almost nine year old daughter is competing as a first year level three. She started late due to the pandemic and really hopes to compete at a college level one day. Is this possible or is she too far behind track to make elite? She is very gifted and is doing very well competitively...
  11. Anonymous Post

    Anon Help me encourage my daughter

    My daughter has been at her gym for a few years, she started as the lowest scoring gymnast on her team, but worked really hard to improve her first season. Most of the season she scored middle of the pack, with some stellar competitions and some rough ones. She’s beginning her second season...
  12. Anonymous Post

    Anon Coach hit daughter

    Hi there, I wrote a post a few days ago. If you haven't seen it, here's a quick gist: DD just started gymnastic classes at 12. She's wanted to join a gymnastics team, since 2019. But then, covid. When it got better, I just didn't have the time to let her join because a teen starting high school...
  13. Anonymous Post

    Anon How active should a parent be in their daughter's gymnastics journey?

    My 10-year-old DD is a gymnast starting optionals this year. She's always had great seasons and she was always a hard worker - motivated to go to the gym and always used her time wisely. The past few months (maybe 5 months or so), it's been quite up and down. As we continue to get into these...
  14. GymMomStarQuest29

    Parents How can I figure out if my daughter is still into this? The pressure is on…

    Hey y’all. I have an almost 9 yr old, she’s practicing for level 5 or 6 (?) and going into 4th grade. In level 4, she had about 12.5 hrs of practice per week. Practices were Tuesday / Thursday and Saturday, she got home at 9:30 on weekdays. There was an adjustment as she returned to public...
  15. R

    Parents Daughter - 7 year old - No progress

    Hello all, My daughter started gymnastics 9 months ago (September 2021). She had about 80 hours of classes (2 classes per week). I don't know what they do during class because it's behind doors. Sometimes, when the class was almost over we could see the children going through a sort of...
  16. Anonymous Post

    Anon Daughter got her kip!

    I don't want to be the overly boastful weirdo so I'm keeping it anonymous, but I have to tell someone who might appreciate it. After about of month of infrequent attempts at team practices my daughter managed to perform two successful kips. I was trying to keep it low pressure on her but I...
  17. MILgymFAM

    Parents Proud of my daughter

    Neither of us ever heard of this before, but it’s apparently at least a semi big deal, so I’m proud of her! She’s still loving gymnastics and can’t wait to get back to her college next year to restart their program- it fell apart when she left.
  18. Hopeful_Xcel_Mom

    Parents How to Get my 11 YO Daughter into Xcel to compete?

    Gymnastics feels a little exclusive – like I’m struggling to break in! My daughter started rec classes Sept 2019, when she was 8 and has done well. I’d love for her to join a team. I asked & was told they’d evaluate her. She can do: • Handstand • Split • Front & back hip circles on bar •...
  19. D

    Parents Is it time to let her move on? Daughter , level 7 has a new mental block each week.

    My daughter is a level 7 gymnast, age 10. She was on track to be a level 8 last year but coaches decided to continue level 7 again to give her some added confidence. This season has been like watching someone else's child. Every week she has a new mental block. Two meets ago we were scoring 9.4...
  20. G

    WAG Does my daughter need a pit?

    We are looking for a new gym. My daughter says she needs to go to a gym with a pit but the gym she wants to go to is way more expensive. My daughter also says this gym is scoring higher because they have a pit. Does this make a difference or should I go with a cheaper gym?