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Sep 3, 2005
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Several years ago... ChalkBucket had a mobile app for iOS (Apple). Our mobile app was great for many years. As time went on there were just too many issues with it (mainly security)... and it was not possible to continue it. The loss of the iOS mobile app was a big hit to ChalkBucket.

As time went on... Progressive Web Apps (PWA) were created by Google. PWA's allowed users to download the actual website to their mobile device as an app. The problem with PWA's for iOS was that Apple didn't support "push" notifications... so the app was essentially just a bookmark on your phone.

Well... times have changed... welcome to today!


Please test out our iOS mobile app on by following the the below steps on your iPhone...

Step 1. - System Requirements

  • Apple iPhone running iOS 16.4+

Step 2. - Installation​

1. Open up your Safari browser on your iPhone <-- You MUST use Safari.​
2. Open the forum home page at <-- Do NOT do this form the actual homepage of the site... it must be done from the exact URL listed here.​
3. Press the "share" button...​


4. Add "ChalkBucket" to your home screen...​


5. Make sure the "add" screen looks like this...​


6. Access ChalkBucket from the new mobile app that you just installed on your iPhone and log in.​

7. Turn on "push notifications" on your iPhone (you MUST do this on your iPhone through the app you just installed)...​



8. Adjust your notification settings under your iPhone settings...​





Please install ChalkBucket on your phone... activate "push notifications" and let us know how it works.​

ChalkBucket recommends "badges"... the little circle with a number that appears in the upper right of the app icon. You can also do "banners"... those are the pop-ups appear across your phone (those are a bit annoying to some people though).

Please let us know if you are having any issues with the directions or the mobile app.

The great part about this new mobile app is that it is directly supported through our software... no need to download it through the App Store or anything like that.


If you log out of the mobile app on your iPhone... then you must log back in and then go to your preferences and activate the push notifications again.

If you have installed the mobile app in this way before... delete the old one off of your iPhone and reinstall it using the directions above. The "push notifications" will not work until your reinstall the app.

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