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Apr 26, 2023
Hey folks,
I'm a coach and the head of maintenance at my gym and I want to refurbish and restore an old climbing rope we have. While we have 3 modern soft white ropes, the ones in question is an old manila rope that's probably 50 years old. Many fibers have splintered out, but the rope integrity and mounting point are in excellent condition. I'm batting around ideas for how to restore and recondition this thing since I don't see a reason to throw it out.
My current idea is to take it down, lay it out across the parking lot, and do a controlled burn. Just singe off all the fibers that are poking out, rub it down with a dry rag to break off any char, then rub it with linseed oil to rehydrate the fibers some. What are your thoughts?
So, funny thing. Turns out this was actually a brand new rope. Newest one in the gym. It's just rough af and the fly-aways on it were numerous and long.
Project's done and I'm real happy with it. I took the whole thing down, blow torched the rope from top to bottom twice to burn off the flyaways. Then I attached the rope to a wall hook, took a rough shop rag, wrapped it around the rope, and pulled hard all the way down the legth. That took off any remaining loose bits and char. Lastly, I took the same rag and used about 1oz of Jojoba oil across the entire length of a 30' rope, then rubbed it down again with the rag.

No more splinters. No more hard rope after firing it. The oil soaks into the fibers giving you a soft, smooth finish that's not slippery.