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  1. K

    Parents Practice and religious observance

    My dd (level 4, age 11) currently practices 4 weekdays a week. Looking at the schedule for the higher levels, though, I see that the upper-level girls are practicing on weekends too, including, for the next level up, Sunday mornings. Some weekend stuff is fine, but Sunday mornings are not...
  2. G

    Amazing practice

    I don't mean to brag but today was such a great practice!! I got my cast handstand on my own, got toe on handstand on strap spotted on the first day doing them, got my round off tuck off beam, and went for a BHS step out on beam for the first time ever. Vaults were great as well! I LOVE such...
  3. G

    Parents Night Time Practice and Dinner

    Our practice schedule just came out for the fall. My DD is schedule three nights a week from 6pm-9pm and Saturday afternoons. We usually eat dinner between 7-7:30 due to it typically being a time when everyone is home. I do not mind feeding her separately. Would you feed your gymnast dinner...
  4. A

    WAG Safe practice ??

    Is it considered safe practice for a gym to have young girls climb the rope, hang from 30 ft rafters, do pull-ups and then drop down into the pit below (while another girl is down in the pit”. Seems like unnecessary risk to me but the gym says it’s normal. Is there some kind of guideline for...
  5. Gymnast2009

    Off Topic not always wanting to go to practice.

    I love gymnastics, I really do , I love the thrill of trying new skill, competing, everything. recently I have not gone to practice for a few weeks. I go twice a week, 3 to 5, Mondays and Wednesdays, and I am not on team yet. I am doing an HS team prep class to keep skills up and then I'm...
  6. C

    WAG Weekly Practice Limits - 16 Hours

    My dd is a 10 Yr old finishing up lvl 8 and training for lvl 9 and Hopes. Her gym just posted a notice that no gymnasts will be allowed to train more than 16 hours per week. Is there any research out there supporting a limit like this? I just can’t see how an athlete can acquire the more...
  7. M

    Anon Practicing Kip at home

    Hi all! My daughter is an (AU) level 4 and is learning her Kip. She is super strong, one of the strongest in the levels program at her gym (and I do not say this as a bias parent but rather been told/seen for myself). She is struggling to get her Kip and has started to practice at home on our...
  8. D

    Parents Tearing up during practice and favoritism

    On every event, my younger DD 8 in level 6 says that she tears up because her coach is devoting all her time to a level 7 and 8 so she is not improving. She says that her coach always yells at her on her form, but at her last comp she scored above 9.5 on every event. She says that her coach...
  9. Trying_to_tumble

    WAG Ideal practice time?

    How many hours of gymnastics practice is ideal for rapid improvement? I spend three hours total at the gym each week, which isn’t much at all but I practice at home around an hour a day, two hours if I have time. I include stretching and conditioning as part of at home practice, as well as some...
  10. Trying_to_tumble

    WAG Not Improving despite practicing everyday

    I’m a recreational gymnast, around level 3-4. I did gymnastics when I was younger and then quit, but came back into it last year. I practice nearly everyday, have gym practice twice a week, do conditioning also everyday, and religiously stretch. Despite all this, I’m not seeing much improvement...
  11. D

    Parents DD Knee Pain After Practice

    I just needed to vent... My DD has lots of knee pain standing up after practice and is complaining. I am going to take her to a doctor, but I'm worried... Her second meet is in February and because she was off for two weeks, she grew one inch and is in lots of pain near her ankles, knee, and...
  12. W

    Parents Low practice hours/wanting more time in the gym

    Ok so, my DD is an XG, and she has just about all her XP skills, but is opting to compete gold for at least the first part of the season. She only practices 6 hours a week, (3h/2d) which from my understanding is quite low. We were supposed to get an extra day for XG in the summer, but that idea...
  13. pumpkinspice

    Parents How to encourage practice

    Hello. I have a 6 year old who won't practice. She can't do a cartwheel (its OK I guess?, she's not there yet), nor even the round the world thing. She fervently refuses to practice in any shape or form but also refuses to give up gymnastics. I'm fine with her needing "something to do" but all...
  14. G

    Parents Sick and practice

    My daughter has a flu. Now no fever, still a little coughing and low energy , should I let her go to the practice? It has been maybe almost two weeks now, she really wants to go, doing level 9 skills. I am worried about her body , maybe need more rest. Any advices ?
  15. Wellington_Wimpy

    Parents buying folding balance beam for practice at home

    I bought a folding balance beam for my 7 year old granddaughter so she could practice at home. (see item But IMHO, it seems too squishy. Is there any benefit to her to use it? I am considering just using dimensional lumber and covering that with...
  16. D

    Parents No more practice for me

    My kid got her license :cool::p:D as I’m doing a happy dance.
  17. Anonymous Post

    Anon First team practice

    My DD is starting xcel platinum next week and this will be her first practice outside of high school gym. What should she expect? How does practice normally run?
  18. A

    WAG Coaches, what do you think of parents that watch the entire practice?

    My daughter recently joined her gym’s Xcel Bronze team. The gym has two separate but adjoining gyms for team and recreational classes, and the lobby for the recreational classes is filled with chairs and has a low wall separating the gym and lobby that can be easily seen over while sitting. Many...
  19. C

    Parents Healthy snack ideas for practice

    My daughter is Xcel Silver and practices from 4p-8p twice a week. With our current schedule she gets off the school bus at my work and we immediately head to practice. I usually have her a snack to eat in the car (25 minute drive) and pack snacks for her to eat during break. I feel like I am...
  20. L

    WAG Talking during practice

    What are your thoughts about talking during practice? I know most coaches don't really like talking during practice, so what do you think?

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