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Jan 21, 2015
DD mentioned her grips are feeling a little small, so I figured I'd get some new ones after states in 2 weeks, as I read they need "breaking in" (??)
I didn't buy her current ones. Her friends mum measured and bought them. I had no idea there were even different kinds.
So which part of the hand do you measure? Any particular brand outshine the others? Velcro, single buckle, or double buckle?! Anything else I should know? They're not cheap, I'd rather not get it wrong!
Does Vic have a GK stand at your states? If so just tell him which club you are with and he'll get the style your coach prefers and fit the right size. You can even get your coach to give a final ok.
The measurement is from the tip of the middle finger to the bottom of the palm. Measure both hands, because I have found that they are not always the same size. If you check out the gk website they have an illustration of how to measure.

Dd prefers GK grips, she would rather velcro than buckles as they are quicker to put on. Coach prefers the younger girls in buckles though, only because they rub the velcro on their competition leos and it snags ;)
I would definitely ask advice at the stall, or if they are not there, check with the coach. With Gk grips the weight of the gymnast and skill level matters.
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Ask your coach what they prefer. Some like dowels, others do not.

We get buckle ones as the buckles last longer than velcro. I just bought new grips for my daughter on Monday, and she went from size 000 (as far as we can remember) a few years ago, to size 1 - skipped 2 sizes. No problem with the buckles lasting that long, but I don't know if the velcro would have. We measured her hands according to the picture on the GK website, and it seems to have been correct.

We've only ever had Hot Shot ones, because I think they were the only ones that were small enough when my daughter first got hers.

My daughter's coach likes for them to have two sets, and to regularly alternate between the two. That way, if one set breaks, there's already a second set broken in. This was an issue with one of her gymnasts at a competition once - the grips broke and there was no back up available. So now, she likes them all to have two sets. It makes sense.
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