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  1. M

    Parents Level 4 score out. New 36 rule.

    Hello, does scoring a 36 at USAG Level 4 States count for the 2nd score out or only regular season meets? Thank you!
  2. N

    Parents Understanding E and ND scores

    So I don't understand the E and ND scores. My kiddo just went to a meet where a handful of the girls on her team received them (same level but they're TOPs and my kiddo is not). Can someone enlighten me? I'm just curious and trying to learn about the world of gymnastics! Thanks
  3. Gymnast2009

    Off Topic Level five score out thread

    Could we move this to WAG? I think it would be a better fit.
  4. JBS

    Parents No score out for level 5?

    Great news... Level 5 is no longer required if you score two 36's at Level 4. See the exact details in the following link... What do you think... join in the conversation below!
  5. Gymnast2009

    Off Topic High score = not being challenged? Thoughts?

    I wanted to see everyone’s views on this? Do you think that scoring high, ( as in above 9.4ish) means that a gymnast is not being challenged, or is competing level too low? I will give my perspective on this. I do not think this is the case. I think that scoring high means that an athlete has...
  6. AmiaRay

    WAG Previous state scores?

    Is there anyway to see the top-placing state scores from previous years? I’m curious and can’t find much.
  7. F

    WAG I have Created a Meet Score Tracker in google sheets if people are interested let me know

    the google sheet works primarily off of you enter the url and it pulls data for the whole meet from there you can decide if you want just your teams info or if you would like to compare your scores vs other team
  8. Anonymous Post

    Anon Some scores not making it to the USAG Results page

    Scores are not making it to the USAG Results page but show on and correctly. A recent example is the Cal Classic 2023. There was one big meet last year where scores never made it to the USAG results page in 2022. Does anyone know why?
  9. S

    Parents Last meet scores not showing up online

    Hello! My daughter had a meet a day ago (it was a small one) and the scores are still not posted anywhere online. Is this common? She did really well and I would like to think that her scores will be recorded. Thank you so much.
  10. XcelMom08

    Parents My Meet Scores

    We went to our first meet over the weekend and the host is using my meet scores to show the scores. All scores are in except for the Xcel Silvers. Does it just take time to update? Just wierd its missing a complete Level of kids. But when I even searched my daughters name she doesn't appear as...
  11. G

    WAG Mobility score for level 4 and 5

    Did the mobility score for compulsories change? I thought it was 32... is it 34 now? Also, is there any way you can move up levels without getting the mobility score? I have all my skills with good form at practice but mess up badly because of nervousness at meets
  12. littlegirlsdream

    WAG Mobility scores..who checks them

    I am curious. Once a gym skips a kid a level does anyone ever check to see if they actually achieved the mobility score? Also, is the mobility score to move from 8 to 9 still a 34?
  13. R

    Parents Canadian meet scores?

    I asked this question in a slightly different way last year but am still trying to figure it out. I have a friend in Canada who has a daughter just starting out. She is trying to figure out if her gym will be competitive in the upper levels if her kid continues in that direction. I could point...
  14. G

    Parents Team Score calculations at meets not adding up?

    I've recently seen a different team win the team competition than what calculates as the winner using the traditional 3 top score format. There's also no explanation at meets on what criteria they use to calculate team scores. Do some meets take age groups into...
  15. JBS

    WAG Article: Top Tips To Improve Your Floor Score

    Gymnasts... coaches... and parents are always looking for advice on how to improve scores. Our latest article by Jen Kula jumps into how to improve your gymnastics floor score! Read the article at the link below...
  16. Lovelylady226

    WAG USAG Xcel Qualifying Scores

    Hello! Is there a resource to find the historical qualifying scores for USAG Xcel? Thanks for any help!
  17. G

    Parents Fall State Meet Compulsory qualification with spring score?

    My daughter competed 3 spring 2022 level 5 meets. Does she need to compete level 5 in the fall to qualify for states if she already qualified in all 3 20222 spring meets? Would rather focus on optionals training in fall. There was no state meet in the spring FYI, unlike during the 2021 when...
  18. MuggleMom

    Parents Score one for ChalkBucket

    So DD has been getting rips on her wrist. It hasn't been going away and she was really annoyed. So like any good mom I started searching ChalkBucket for wrist rips suggestions. Lots of good advice the foremost of which was just buy some new dang on wrist bands. Even saw several recommendations...
  19. L

    Parents Posting of Scores

    Hi All, I have a quick question. We had our first sectional on Saturday and the scores are not posted on any website. I did contact the host gym with no response. Just curious if anyone has heard of them not posting scores. Really missing Beyond the Scores. I used to save them for her through...
  20. D

    Anon Young xcel gold and poor scores

    My daughter is an 8 year old xcel gold. She has struggled with scores all year. She scores in the 9’s on one event but other events are in the 8’s and 7’s. She seems to always be the youngest or one of the youngest at every meet, sometimes looking like a baby among the other competitors. She is...

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