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I was just curious how may gyms/team purchase new (design) leotards every competition season versus how many try to get several years out of the same leotard design. This comes up at our gym a lot because of cost/siblings/ hand me downs etc.

Is it common to stay in same leotard for lets say 3 competition seasons?

Thanks in advance for your comments.


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Feb 19, 2007
Our old gym would keep the same leos/warmups for 3 years. Of course I wonder how many girls would really get three years' use out of them? My DD's current gym will keep them for 2 years.
Oct 6, 2007
Pittsburgh, PA
We usually get 2 or 3 seasons out of ours. Sometimes though, the level 4's wear our old leotards. Like right now, the level 4's are wearing the old leotard, the compulsories are wearing new ones, and the optionals are wearing the ones they got last year.

gym law mom

Proud Parent
Dec 23, 2006
Our gym keeps the same leo for 2 years. Of course, that doesn't guarantee you won't have to buy a new one after one year if there is a major growth spurt. Our optional leos are the same design, but different color from the compulsory, so I won't be able to sell my gymmie's leo to anyone(they are at the end of the 2 yr. cycle).


Some leo and warm-up for 2 years at our gym. I am hoping the leo will fit for 2, but there is no way the warm-up will last for two years.
amy, GA
Dec 8, 2007
We get new ones every year but we don't buy expensive ones. We don't pay more then $70. We do keep our warmups for like forever. I don't remember us ever having a different one.


My dd has competed 3 years and had 3 different leos and warmups - of course that is because we moved out of state, then changed gyms. Where she is now they keep the leos for 2 years. Hopefully she won't grow much so she can still fit in this one next year.
Nov 5, 2007
My daughters gym gets new Leo's every other year alternating with the warmups.This way you only have to pay for one of them a year.Well it depends if your daughter does not grow out of the other.We are due for new warmups,so I hope my dd will fit in her Leo next year.I wished ours were $70.


Moderator/Proud Parent
Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
We have purchased on leo for L3 preteam, was not bad - ONLY $50.00. Should she move to L4 next year it will be a new leo to the tune of about $160.00 :eek:. Won't have to get a new warm up unless dd grows too much :D

Since this is our first year - I have no clue how long they use the same one.


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Jan 4, 2008
We try to keep the same leo's and warm ups for as many years as possible. We do have separate leo's for the level 1-3's, 4-6's and 7-10's. But we try to keep it the same. The costs of gymnastics are high enough without us designing a new leo every year or two. It also means siblings can wear their older sisters leo's as they grow out of them and we can sell them second hand as long as they remain in good condition.
Feb 26, 2007
Our club has different suits for different levels/divisions. I have been lucky, little DD this year wore the suit that older dd wore 3 years ago and the warm up that older DD wore 3 & 4 years ago. Big DD has had a new comp suit every year and a new warm up too. The coach keeps them cheap though, never more than $70 for the suits. I have always been able to sell them later, they are always cool and the rec kids will always buy them if they are no longer being used as comp suits.

We are the only club locally that has so many different suits, all the other clubs have the same suit for every level and they keep them for many years.

I really do like the changes, the coach always asks the girls what they like, shows them a few suits and always incorporates their ideas.


Proud Parent
Feb 16, 2008
We are suppost to be on a 2 year cycle with our leos, but I think that the 3's going to 4's will all need new ones are the girls are outgrowing them or the are starting to wear them to practice (sleeveless). I hope that DD get a new leo new year with sleeves as that is what most of the level 4's wear. They did not have warm ups this year for level 3, but we will need them next year for level 4.

Oct 27, 2007
Our gym got new leos every 2 years, but also had a different leo for lvl 4, 5-6, & optionals. Lvl 5-6 would get a new leo one year and optionals the next year. So if you hit it right, or wrong, like we did, you would need a new leo every year. So my dd competed 4 years with 4 different leos! Some were $160! But then the head coach left to start his own gym, the old gym folded so we got leo # 5. But that is all in the past as DD's last day of gym is Wednesday!
Jan 17, 2008
Our Gym is using the same warm up jacket and pants for 5 years, I think. They picked a very spending jacket ($150..) So we wanted to get many years out of them. MY DD has used it for 4 years ( I bought such a large size that she is still growing into it).

Up to this past year Every year they get new Warm up Leotards (short sleeved). They run around $30, Although as an optional gymnast we never used the warm ups. This past year the gym bought all optional gymnasts a leotard as a great job for how hard they worked over the summer. They are red with out gyms initals on them, These turned into the new warm up leo's, Compulsorys use same style but a different color.

Finally comp leos, both teams have the same leos and we use them for 3 years. First year they were $95, this past year they were only $70.


Our team uses the warm up jacket and pants for 5 years also. Different comp. leos every 2 years. Most gymnasts can get 2 years out of the leo.

Level 3s use a tank style competition leo, very inexpensive and no warm ups to keep the cost down.

Levels 4 thru 6 use the same comp. leo, Optionals have a different comp. leo
Feb 4, 2008
Region IV
3 year cycle for us, all team members, levels 4-10, get the same thing. In August, there's a big swap. Girls who've outgrown their leo can sell it to a smaller girl for 1/2 price, then hopefully purchase another used one themselves. Same with warmups. You do tend to get stuck if you are one of the few remaining high school girls on the team because there's nobody bigger from whom to get a hand-me-down leo.

Our whole set (leo and warm ups) run over $300 so I'm glad we're not switching all the time.


Our gym uses the same leo and warm ups for two years. I'm hoping DD will still fit into hers next year, although I got it big this year in anticipation. They do also have practice leos they are supposed to wear once a week and those run $35.


Just a quick note. Our gym buys new leos, new designs every year. We use the same warm-ups for 3 years, although new recruits have to purchase new warm-ups every year. Our unis are owned by the gymnast. We figure the cost is not that high compared to other sports, gear, a bat is 120 or so, basketball shoes........80? Its not that bad in the big scope of things. And the girls feel great when they step out on the floor in a beautiful leo.


My DD is every 2 years for the leos. The optional girls get to pick a design for the Opt team. After 2 years they get to pick a new one and the old design is passed down to compulsory. Cumpulsory design gets passed down to Lvl 3s. They keep the same warm-up.
I love this system because it allows us to sell her old leo. My dd got to pict the optional leo yesterday.
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