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A couple years back, our city, had like the best gymnastics team, including a starry eyed freshman Courtney. She recieved high 9's and went to state. She quit gymnastics after her freshman year to pursue her dream of track and field. She was a senior this year, she was pole vaulting, just an extra vault, cause she had already broken the record. At this meet, she had just recieved a new pole..and it was sprinkling outside, her hands slipped in the air and she landed on her head. She was rushed to the hospital but they told her she expected to die. She made it, the doctors then told her family she would have extreme brain damage. She was able to walk at graduation, and reap the benefits of her 4.0 average. She plans to attend IU in the fall to study pre-med. She is back to normal, except her unability to smell or taste, which she will never get back. It was a miracle that she lived and is prospering, our whole town admires her.

Her brother is in my summer gym class. I have the biggest crush on him! We talk a lot. On one one hour bus ride, he just told me about his sister, he was really proud of her. He truly loves his sister, and I love talking to him about his sister and gymnastics.
Courtney is going to be the grand marshall at our town parade today, I am very happy to see her shining bright, and her brother by her side.


Dec 24, 2008
Wow! thats amazing shes apparently a very strong girll! Thats to bad about the taste and smell but she could be way worse off. Keep us updateddd!


So inspiring! A girl I know was just involved in a serious car accident 2 broken femurs, broken knee, broken arm, concussion muliple surguries will be needed for her recovery. No issues with her brain or spine Thank God! She faces a 6-12 month recovery time!
I'll be sure to pass along Courtney's story to inspire her!
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