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Feb 16, 2008
I have been following a co-workers blob, who is in China adopting her second child. It got me thinking and I have decided to create a blog for Bug's gymnastics. Here is the link, it is a work in progess. Bug's Gymnastics

That is great! I posted a comment! :) I keep track of Abby's gymnastics progress on our blog. It is fun way to keep friends and family updated as well. And I always forget things and we "tag" her gymnastics ones then we can see all of the gymnastics related ones.
It looks great! I love your pictures!

I've always wanted to blog, but never knew how or which was the easiest. Now that my dd is in gymnastics(3 1/2 yrs old) and my ds will start his second year in basketball(5 1/2 yrs old), nows the time to do it! Do you have to know a lot of html?
I basically went under the create blog at the top of the blog that I have been following, created an user ID for goggle, and started a blog there. It is pretty user friendly.

There are some nice blogs on the thread! I am so creatively challenged; I can't make one LOL. I also can't figure out how to upload any pics.
Thanks for letting me know. I set it to private, but that means only the people i invite are allowed to look at it. I thought maybe hey could ask to be able to see it. If you give me your email address I can send you an invitation. I may still open it to the public i havnt decided yet
Not open for further replies.