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I am currently the Rec Director at the gym, still new to the position, and learning rapidly as I go. I've got a ton of experience coaching rec classes (and teaching in general, I'm a middle school public school educator), but this management type position is new for me. In addition, there hasn't been a rec director in a few years. I would like to start putting together some staff educational resources. We have quite a few young coaches, and recently hired a few staff that are excellent with kids but not as familiar with gymnastics. I have been doing all of the lesson planning, and will be implementing a new evaluation system for the students soon. Our classes are age-based, not skill-based, so I've worked hard to include different progressions for various stations in the set up. I'm comfortable with addressing all of that. I am looking for resources to disseminate regarding talking to parents; ways to deal with challenging behaviors in class; favorite videos/clips/YouTube channels for teaching skill progressions and spotting; etc. I'm hoping to cut down on the amount of time it takes to locate these resources or create my own from scratch. There's no need to recreate the wheel if there's good stuff already out there, right?

Thank you for any help!
This YouTube account has a lot of content that I believe covers what you want

Gymcats also have a lot of content

Many channels for skill progressions - just search for what you want, when you want it and pick a few that will benefit your gymnasts and work in your space. Simple is often best, easy
set/pack up so the coaches time is spent on educating children and giving them opportunity to practice rather than setting up elaborate 'cool' looking drills.

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