Cried 7 Times at Camp Today.

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I'm sensitive to. After many years in gymnastics, you learn how to hold most of them back. Though, always tell yourself, things WILL get better. No matter how bad they seem now.
I can relate!
I am 13 and a rec gymnast around your level. I started gymnastics when I was three, but the thing is, that when you are a regular rec gymnast and your parents aren't considering putting you on a team, it's really hard to get there on your own. I understand. I didn't think about competing until around 5th grade, and even then, I felt like I was too old. I stayed in my rec class until at the beginning of 6th grade, I moved into a higher level class with older kids, and began to realize this year (7th grade) that the reason I wanted to compete so badly was because I wanted to be with older kids and felt like I wasn't improving because I was only coming to the gym 2 times a week and wanted to be there more so that I could improve more and get onto a higher level team quicker to be with people my age. But now there are people my age in my class and I am having a lot more fun, even though I wish I could be at the gym more, and still would like to compete, though not as badly.

I never thought that in order to make the team you had to have the skills. I always thought of it that you had to prove to the coaches, with your personality and work, that you would be fun and worth their time. That's why, while reading your posts, I'm thinking that if you made the coaches want to coach you because you trust their advice and trust that they will spot you--which they will (if they like you :)) because they would not want you to kill yourself in their hands. I don't mean to be a teachers pet or anything, but I think that coaches would give you more respect if you showed them that you deserve it. It would still be useful to get your back handspring meanwhile, but if they see that you would be a good member of your team, they will push you to get it, and you won't have to stress yourself out by pushing yourself.

Does your high school have a team? Mine does not. But if it does, it sounds like you would be the perfect fit for high school gymnastics.

Good luck!
I never thought that in order to make the team you had to have the skills.

Every gym picks their team a little differently I think. Some watch their rec programs for kids they think are good fits, others have tryouts, and I'm sure there a bunch of other ways too.

Donut_lover keep doing your best, have fun, and get some tissues! ;-) When you only have a limited amount of time to practice, your going to be limited in your skills. It sounds to me you are doing great for the hour you go, but if your sad, the little time you have their isn't fun and inspiring. Also, maybe conditioning at home during the week might give you a little boost in class to get some of the skills you want. :)
Well, no, I didn't mean that you don't have to be good to make the team, but coaches might consider people who's personality is more appealing over those who are made up of only talent. It doesn't sound like donut_lovers gym has tryouts...
Absolutely ^. I'm not a coach, but I'd take a hard worker who loved gymnastics over a natural talent who didn't want to put in the time any day. A mix of the two is what they probably what they look for.
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