For Parents DD had a GREAT night at Gymnastics!!!

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Feb 10, 2007
Last night she got to work out wit the Highschool kids!! She was soo proud of herself cause the coaches were all making a big deal out of how much better her splits were to the older kids!! They all thought it was fun too!! (They were made ro run and she got to say Go !! never thought that would make her day!!! LOL
plus she got to try some of the things she has never done!!
(she was the only one who was there in her class so she got 1 one 1 last night!!

she has only been at this level this session and they are all ready talking about how she is JUST about ready to move up to Intermediate!!

Im just loving the confidence in her these days!! its soo much fun!! she is 7 and one of the shyest kids ever!! soo this is soo what she needs!!!
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I am very happy for your daughter I love when that kind of thing happens. I'm almost 16 and I am extremely shy around people I don't know that well. For my story to make sense you need to know 1) I pole vault. 2) our hs girls track team is A LOT worse than the boys.3) my pole vault coach is technically a boys' coach, but coaches the girls in pole vault anyway.

Well, right when outdoor season was starting, my pole vault coach told me that the pole vaulters were going to vault on Sunday afternoon. So I told him I'd be there. What he didn't tell me is that it was a full practice for the entire BOYS track team (no girls) All the events warm up together. I had to go so much faster in warm-ups just to keep up. Then, when we got to stretching, the guys' coaches said that they wished I would practice with them all the time. The track members were so amazed at my flexibility and were pushing themselves harder to go down farther Needless to say, their attempts weren't working and their coaches were like, if this girl can do it, how come all you guys can't? They got so mad. Then our pv coach was riping on the guys because we were doing some handstand drill thing and they couldn't hold it and I could. After that practice, I would talk to some of the guys more; they wanted tips on how to get more flexible!

I'm glad your dd is building confidence though. It's great she was able to do new things, too. :)
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