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May 4, 2009
I recently placed an order through then and haven't even gotten a confirmation. Are they an honest good company? Can I get my $ back through PayPal if they don't respond? I find it odd that they don't provide a phone number to contact them. Had I known that prior I would not have ordered through them.
I have had success ordering through them, with one issue.

The first order I placed, I didn't realize that the item I selected was not an "In Stock" item. The EXACT same leotard was listed under "In Stock" and elsewhere on the site. Apparently, I had added the NOT in stock item (with different item #, but EXACT same description) to my Cart, instead of the "In Stock" version.

Though I DID receive an order confirmation within the same day, 3 weeks passed with no delivery. When I sent a message of inquiry to customer service (and I pasted the item description from the website), I received a note that felt somewhat terse and rude.

It said,

"The item you have ordered is not an in stock item. You ordered [exact same item description that I had listed but different item #]..."

There was no apologetic or empathetic tone, or offer to send me the "in stock" version (again these are identical leos, identical size and price) that was still listed as In Stock on the website. Very confusing.

Anyway, I did receive my item after another week.

And a year later, since the leo my daughter wanted was listed at the best price I could find on this site, I did place another order - making sure it was an In Stock item - and I received my order timely without issue.

Here is the customer service email in case you didn't have it.

[email protected]

Good luck!
I have always received orders from them, but I did find them slow and I did find that they seemed disorganised compared to other online companies.
I've had good experiences with them. I've bought in stock stuff and current GK stuff at the discounted price by entering the size and style.

I would list response and shipping times as relatively slow, but I did receive all items I ordered in the correct size and in brand new condition.
Yeah the shipping times are ridiculous. Personally, I get so much better (and immediate) service with just as reasonable prices from other vendors so I no longer do business with them. It's just not worth the stupidly long wait time.
I've ordered from the several times and have received all my orders. It is slightly annoying not to have shipping info.
I placed an order without realizing it wasn't an in stock item (and I needed the item by Christmas). They helped me select make an exchange and select an in-stock item and then when I received that, it looked way too small so I sent that back and they shipped off an item that I loved. I found them pleasant and helpful. I don't recall the shipping time being quick or long, but it was around the holidays and I ended up getting what I needed even with having to send one leo back.
Yes, I have used them. It takes a while but that is expected when shipping to Australia. Always good price and good quality.
I won't order from them again, also had an in stock/out of stock experience and super slow shipping, lack of customer service, and quite frankly, I don't think their prices are that great-I'd rather buy directly from the vendor.
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