For Parents Feeling frustrated.... but maybe I shouldn't be?

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Aug 22, 2008
Was it good? I've thought about reading it a few times... maybe now is perfect timing!!
referring to girls in pretty little boxes - it is a movie too. May be easier to get through and still get the general concept.

As for the original post - It was one practice. Yes, I probably would have been irritated too but I would wait to see where this leads. Being a first practice with such a wide array of skill levels, the coach probably just was a little overwhelmed but it can and does work. Many smaller gyms mix their girls across several levels with just one coach. So, If it were my dd, I think I would just take a watch and wait attitude for a couple of weeks. If it doesn't get better, then I would approach the coach for more clarification. As for the coach pulling your dd aside to work giants, that is great! Like you said, it shows that the coach is aware your dd didn't get what she needed in that practice. Hopefully that translates to a better practice next time.
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