Good luck fairies needed for tonight and tomorrow

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Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Jul 22, 2010
So, for those of you who were following the case of the missing flyaway, DD said that she was doing them at practice last night and that her coach said that if she was doing them in the routine tonight, she can compete AA at her first level 6 meet tomorrow! With all the bar practice, she has a killer rip. Since she came from a gym that only practiced 7.5 hours a week, rips were reserved for summer gymnastics camps. She's never had one during meet season before. She said that it really hurt during practice last night but that she "sucked through it" (her words...tee hee) because she knew she NEEDED to get her flyaway.

So, good luck needed for flyaways tonight and for her first meet at a new level at a new gym with new coaches in her new leotard (which is HOPEFULLY arriving today... GK is not my favorite company right now) tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes!
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Flyaway: FOUND
Competition leo: ARRIVED
We are cleared for takeoff!
2.5 hour drive to a 4:15 meet... Could be a lot worse!
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Just found this thread now... yay for the flyaway! Like someone else said if it is there it is there if it isnt it isnt its just one meet. but she got it! I hope she has a fantastic meet, we will be awaiting the result. :)
So sorry, just saw this. So glad she got her flyaway back. And that the leo finally arrived. Good luck to her today at her meet. Keep us posted on how she did.
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