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  1. A

    Anon Fear vs Mental Block (and coaching it)

    DD (training L5) has been working on her beam BWO, but is scared to move it to the high beam. When she goes for it, she does it very solidly on the low and medium beams. She says she’s not scared of it per se, but that her body just won’t go. Her beam coach has put a lot of direct pressure on...
  2. Geoffrey Taucer

    Off Topic So it looks like I'm (slightly) un-retiring from coaching (again(again(again)))

    Apparently gymnastics is the Hotel California: I can check out, but I can never leave. This fall, I'll be returning to Rebounders to coach once a week on Saturdays, just to scratch that itch. Also, today I hopped on a trampoline for the first time since the start of the pandemic, and while the...
  3. superNova08

    Coaches Restarting Coaching, Being Tasked With Hard Topics

    So I'm restarting coaching now after we've moved and the xcel season is over. I've hit my first speed bump. Bit of a trigger warning here because this deals with pretty severe mental health issues. So there's this girl, I'd estimate around 10 years old, who has pretty obvious and fresh self harm...
  4. DTAG

    Coaches Resources for coaching gymnasts whom are physically disabled

    Hello. I have been coaching MAG rec classes for a few months now and absolutely love it! This week started our new session of rec kids. Unbeknownst to me or the head coach, two boys that are brothers are also physically disabled. They are in two different classes as they are two different...
  5. gymjunkie

    WAG Fun Camp Suggestions (for coaching)

    My daughter and her teammate are graduating seniors. They were just hired as coaches at a 1-week gymnastics sleepover summer camp the very first week of summer. They are looking to coach at others this summer & will travel. They want to work at a fun kind of gymnastics camp (you know canoes and...
  6. Anonymous Post

    Anon Getting started with Coaching

    Hey I'm a 15 year old, wanting to coach pretty low levels, or rec... had a few questions.. How do you get started with coaching as a teen? Do you need any qualifications/courses? How much do you earn per hour on average?
  7. Anonymous Post

    Anon When does tough coaching cross the line?

    This topic of conversation has come up recently, and I’m curious to know others’ opinions. When does tough coaching cross the line, and is that line subjective based on the gymnast?
  8. K

    Parents Online flexibility one on one coaching

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anybody had suggestions for flexibility coaches who offer private coaching sessions remotely. Thanks!
  9. E

    Coaches "Natural Aptitude" and Coaching

    I know the gymnastics community has strong opinions about what "potential" looks like in a gymnast. Some students are just born bouncy, swingy, and handstand-y. (Bonus if they pass the marshmallow test.) But what about coaches? What does it take to be a good coach? Let's assume we have a...
  10. GymOwl

    Coaches Getting back into coaching

    Hey all! As the title says, I've been wanting to get back into coaching again. I'm 18, and did gymnastics for 7 years. I was a level 7 and training level 8 up until 2021. I have some experience in coaching, as I did work with preschool, rec, and team levels 4 and 5 for almost a year also back...
  11. G

    Coaches Level 8/9/10 beam coaching

    My daughter just moved to a new gym for over one year now. I am not gymnastics coach and don’t know how specifically beam coach help optional gymnasts. We have a beam coach . We observed for over one year. We only see the coach just watching the gymnasts , not providing any instructions. I am...
  12. Anonymous Post

    Anon Sensitive Kid or Mean Coaching?

    I know there was a question already posted like this before mine. I wanted to post this before, but I didn't know if it was that important, but thank you to the person who posted their question before mine. My DD just started gymnastic classes as an early teen. The gym offers competitive levels...
  13. Anonymous Post

    Anon Bad coaching or sensitive child?

    Hi all. Posting anon as I don't know who from my gym might see this and I'm just not sure if I'm handling correctly. Background: we're in our 2nd year of competing. DD did very, very well last year and was moved up a level and her coach also moved up to HC of the new level. We really like this...
  14. G

    Anon Level gaps and coaching

    So I have been in competitive for almost 6years and have had a great coach who is always super helpful. However these last few years things have gotten a bit rough and just this month they have gotten even worse. To give you some background information I started with a group of 8 girls all...
  15. Anonymous Post

    Anon Coaching a talented young gymnast

    Hi all! I have a talented young gymnast, 11 years old, who I have coached for several years now. We are located in Europe and she now belongs to the National Team for her age. She qualified this year, her competition results were so good. If she competed in the USA, I would say she would be...
  16. skschlag

    MAG Illinois Coaching Change

    Justin Spring is leaving Illinois to be Alabama Assistant. Dan Ribeiro will take over for the next season..
  17. D

    Coaches Coaching ideas for teaching a child with autism

    Hello I am currently trying to find ideas for coaching a child with autism who recently came to the gymnastics club I work at. The two apparatuses I'm struggling to find a fun way to help teach the child are vault and bars. I tried to get them to do what the lead coach of the group the child is...
  18. R

    Coaches Another coach coaching your child

    My older child has started gymnastics and I'm having a difficult time watching their coach not teach them correctly. I'm also having a hard time trying not to teach them at home. I'm trying hard to stay hands-off but it is becoming increasingly difficult. Has anyone gone through this and how did...
  19. JBS

    WAG Creating a Level 10+ Focused Team Program (Finances / Coaching / Athlete Selection / Facility / Etc)

    This is a split from another conversation to help people (parents primarily... I guess) understand the difficulties of running a high level (Level 10+ / Hopes / Elite) gymnastics team. This team would be one that can consistently put athletes at Level 10 Nationals and understand the Hopes /...
  20. Splat

    Coaches Needing coaching advice

    So I am graduating from college this year and my plan has always been to leave my job coaching and get a job in my degree. I have been pretty burnt out coaching this year and have honestly been looking forward to the new career path. However, I just learned that our upper level coach is leaving...

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