For Coaches Good ways to learn deductions?

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Jan 15, 2023
I’m a pretty new coach, but I’ve been a gymnast for a while. I’m familiar with most of the common deductions as well as some more out there ones. I’m trying to get better a learning the associated values (2 tenths or 3 tenths), but I’m struggling a bit. I know which ones are bigger deductions, but not always the exact values. Does anybody have some good resources for learning deductions beyond the surface level?
Definitely get a copy of the routines (compulsory) or code of points (Xcel/optionals). Usag sells the books.
You can find quite a bit of deduction info on the sheets posted on the USAG website here:

Though this is developmental program info, execution deductions are fairly universal across xcel/compulsory(and even other competitive programs) too.

These sheets in particular list most deductions: