Great news everybody !!!

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Dec 4, 2008
Okay so i wrote a forum about having a stress fracture in my back and it hasnt healed properly. Well , i went to the doctors today ( as i normally do for my back ) and they said its healed !!! I said when can I do full on training again . And they said about 3-5 months ! Soo im really excited . Like you guys have no idea !! And the gym im going to . It is hugeee 3x the size of my other one. It has 2 under ground tramps , 2 above tramps , 60' foot long tumble trak , uhmm the floor power tumblers tumble on , a regulation floor, 4 regulation beams , 2 low beams , 4 floor beams, 6 highways , 3 sets of uneven bars , 2 strap bars , a foam vault trainer , 2 vaults AND get this , a set of the uneven bars is in the foam pit for training release moves and stuff , and GET THIS . It i in the building of the tourment capital of canada , so lots of tourists , right across the hall is the pool , and on the other side of it is this MASSIVE building ( inside the building ) and it is like... honestly NO idea , And I get my own locker ! I am so freaking stoked. this gym is only 2 years old too ! I train 5 days a week , monday , tuesday , wednesday , friday from 3 :30 - 8 : 30 thaan on sunday I go from 8 am - 2 pm . And my other gym had a vault , 2 underground tramps , 20' foot long tumble trak , a floor , 3 beams , 2 low beams , a floor beam , 2 high ways , 1 set of uneven bars , and 1 strap bar . So I am really happy ! :D
I cant even stop smiling !!
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Dec 21, 2008
I am really glad to hear your back is well on its way to norm, and even more happy to hear you seemed to have found such an amazing gym! I have to admit I am slightly jealous, it sounds awesome. Good luck with your training, and don't overdo yourself!


Thats amazing!:D Im so happy for you!! that would have been so hard for me if I had an injury like that...Your gym sounds great! :D:D
Dec 16, 2007
Ontario, Canada
That sounds like an AMAZING gym!
Especially when my gym trains out of a high school and is basically a poverty gym without even spring floors lol

That's great to hear your back is healing well! Have fun training again when the time comes.


It's cool to hear your all healed up unlike me...:(
Your gym sounds fabulous!!:p Hope you have tons of fun!!
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