Coaches Front handspring drills for when not allowed to teach front handsprings

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Hi guys first post here and I find myself in a tricky situation. I’ve been a gymnastics coach for around a year and a half now, having done gymnastics recreationally as a child. The gym I coach at is mainly a recreational gym with a small competitive program (~25 gymnasts). The competitive program we follow is easier than other programs such as xcel and dp, as for example a kip isn’t even required in level 6. Last year our gym offered levels 2-6 with levels 2-3 being taken by one coach (let’s call her coach B) and levels 4-6 being taken by another (let’s call her coach A) , both of these coaches had over 5 years experience, although coach B had only taught recreational gymnastics before last year. This year coach A moved to another state, and the program decreased to only being levels 2-4. Last year coach A taught coach B how to spot and got her accredited to teach higher levels. This year coach B was meant to take level 4s, while I took the level 3s, and another coach took the level 2s. Unfortunately, she unexpectedly quit after coach A left, so now both coaches who took the competitive teams last year are gone. This left me having to take level 3s and level 4s together this year, and suddenly being the coach taking the highest level at our gym. The problem is I am not qualified to coach any skills with flight, as in the program we use there are 3 levels of coaches and I am only a level 2 when I need to be a level 3 coach to do so. Coach A was a level 3 coach and had trained coach B to be one too, not knowing she would end up leaving. This leaves us having no level 3 coaches at our gym, so I’m stuck in the position where I don’t have a more experienced coach to teach me how to spot. I love gymnastics and watch videos on spotting but am not allowed to try spotting these kids without a level 3 coach helping me. The organiser of our program has set a training day to teach level 3 coaches later in the year but this falls after our first competition.

One of the vaults my level 4 girls do is a front handspring vault on a mat stack, they also have an option to add a front handspring in their floor routine. The girls can do the front handspring vault as they learnt it under coach A last year, but they are not allowed to do it in practice despite being able to do them.

My boss is trying to get me accredited as a level 3 coach ASAP but in the meantime I’d like to work front handspring drills with them, so when I do get accredited they are not behind.

I’ve had them practice using a tumbling trainer like this


and plan to focus on handstand pops, but I’d like suggestions for any other drills that would help with front handsprings.

Thanks !
That's a pretty tough situation. Is there another local club that you could go to and learn?

In the meantime... I would primarily be working on handstand strength.
Our gym is a chain with another one nearby whose head coach/manager was actually our head coach/manager (around 2 years ago when I got hired) before she moved to that one instead. Funnily enough my mum suggested I train with her but I don’t think it’ll work as my current manager has been having major issues with her as well some of our coaches who used to work at both. I’ll try suggesting the idea anyway to my boss, hopefully I don’t cause more drama ahaha.

As for handstand strength in the program on conditioning days we do handstand holds, handstand hand taps, handstand shoulder shrugs, front support holds, and plank holds. So hopefully that’s going to go a long way to help.

Unfortunately I think it’s just a waiting game for me, I just feel bad for my students who aren’t being allowed to do skills they can do. I guess stuff just happens sometimes and there’s not much to be done, thanks for your advice though.

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