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Feb 26, 2017
Didn’t know where to post this..

Anyways, I recently went to a gymnastics camp, where I was working giants/chs to flyaways/twisting, etc. I’m pretty sure I’ve discussed this on here before that i slip off the bar coming out of handstands. My coach at my gym says it’s because of regripping the bar—which i’ve noticed isn’t the case, because the girls at camp with giants seemed to regrip on their way down.

I talked to the coaches about slipping off the bar and they looked at my grips, and told me they were too long, probably because i’ve had them too long (2-3 years) and they’ve stretched out. They told me I needed new grips.

I then continued camp with the straps of my grips farther down my wrist (yes—i have velcro but plan on getting double buckle soon) and bars was perfectly fine where i was able to go chs to flyaway full into the pit. I was worried to do it onto the mat lol.

So, would I really need new grips? If so, what are good websites to get double buckle dowel grips?


Proud Parent
Dec 5, 2012
That is a really long time for one pair of grips! My dd uses US Glove double buckle. Make sure you measure exactly like they tell you because each model has a different sizing guide.

We get her new grips twice a year. She's training 8/9 and they take about 3 days to break in.
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