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Growth Plate Wrist Injury

Discussion in 'Women's Artistic Gymnastics (WAG)' started by mom2gymnast, May 15, 2018.

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  1. Does anyone have any experience with a stress fracture on the growth plate on the radius? My dd is on week 8 of healing from this. She was in a brace for 3 weeks, in a cast for 4 weeks, and now back to a brace during activity only for 2 more weeks. She has just been out of the cast for a couple of days, but is having significant pain when flexing her wrist backwards and it is in her joint. Does this sound normal? Her doctor has her working some range of motion exercises but it is still quite painful. It is also probable that she had a stress fracture in her lunate bone as well. Not sure if that might be the source of her pain too?
  2. Is gymnast wrist a fracture of the growth plate? I guess I thought it was something different from what DD has.
  3. My gymnast dealt with stress fractures of her growth plates (doc called it gymnast wrist) when she was 9-years old turning 10 and training level 7 (so lots of BHS on beam, yurchenko times and giants). She was in air casts (removable casts) and physical therapy throughout her recovery. When she went back to using her hands in training, she wore Tiger Paws on all events except bars. She continued to do strengthening exercises from her PT to make sure her wrists stayed strong even with the Tiger Paws. I am no doctor, but if your child is still having pain, I would take her back to,see the doc again. That doesn’t sound right.
  4. She already us an appointment for follow up next week! I just wasn't sure how normal this is with this type injury. Sounds like it may just still be healing but I will be sure to ask.
  5. I do not have experience with this particular injury and I am NOT a doctor - but it is also possible that it is from being immobile for the last 8 weeks. Good that you have an appointment with the doc, but don’t panic, it very well could just be part of the healing process. Good luck!
  6. If she was casted for four weeks, she probably needs PT to regain mobility. She should not be doing significant weight bearing until you've got this figured out. My son's teammate who had stress fractures and a chipped ulna was completely off weight-bearing and hanging for three months.
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  7. She still has 2 more weeks of no weight bearing or gym activities with the arm. She is only allowed out of the brace at night and when sitting around at home. I will ask about PT though at her next visit. Thanks everyone for your input!
  8. My daughter had a “fracture” in her growth plate, also was told it is called “gymnast wrist.” She was casted for 6 weeks and braced for 2. When she began back in the gym she was told she had to wear tiger paws on her wrist by her ortho. She wore it for the rest of the season (3 months) then began weaning off of it. She doesnt need jt anymore and her bars are better now that her wrist strength is back to par, wearig tiger paws did not allow her strength to come back fully.

    My daugher had no pain once the cast was removed. Her ortho made sure she had full mobility without pain. A fee months later her wrist hurt again and i sheduled another apt but luckily it was just sore from not being used and being in the gym. Her ortho showed me where to worry if she gets pain again. Is her pain right above her wrist on her forearm? If so, it is her growth plate. My daughter never experienced the pain youre describing once healed so im not sure that its part of the healing. My ortho let is know if she had pain after the first cast was off then she may need ‘ore time in cast and time out of the gym. It just may be that your daughters fracture isnt healed

    Did the ortho xray her wrist again after the cast was removed? They should have
  9. Her pain is right in the middle where her wrist meets her hand on top. This is where it hurt before but she is not exactly sure if it is the same kind of pain. Her dr has not done follow up X-rays yet. I think this is probably because he knew he wasn't going to release her yet anyway. However I am not sure if an X-ray will be done anyway because it was not seen on the X-ray only the MRI. When she goes back next time I am going to ask about imaging so we know what we are dealing with.
  10. Yes , she needs to go to PT. It will be fine
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