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Radial head buckle fracture

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My level 9 was diagnosed with a buckle fracture on her radial head from catching the bar weird on a bail 2 weeks ago. The ortho said it should heal in 3-4 weeks and she goes back for more xrays in 1.5 weeks to hopefully be cleared to ditch the sling and start PT. She never lost range of motion, and urgent care didn't even see the fracture initially, but when I followed up with a pediatric sports ortho they diagnosed the fracture immediatley.

Curious if anyone has had a similar injury what return to full weight bearing looked like? We have a great PT and a coach who are both pretty conservative when coming back from injuries, so not looking for specific advice, just wondering what the recovery looked like for others.
dd had one when she was young, lower levels. Same situation, urgent care missed it and ortho saw it on new xrays a few days later. That's pretty common with buckle fractures (a lot of minor fractures actually). Can't really compare return to training/competition because she was only doing old L3-4 skills but she could bear full weight as soon as the cast came off. And was back to vaults and ROBHSs with spots within a few weeks. Dr used a cast only because he thought she would be trying to do more than she should with just a brace (he was right). L9 skills certainly will take longer to get back to but she should be able to bear weight on it pretty quickly
Thank you, sounds promising! And yes I was reading that it was a hard fracture to diagnose and frequently missed.
I have nothing to add knowledge wise, but I'm sorry to hear your DD is injured. :(
I have nothing to add knowledge wise, but I'm sorry to hear your DD is injured. :(
Thanks, it’s definitely disappointing right before state. She’s petitioned to regionals, but I don’t think it’s realistic or safe to expect a come back to full level 9 skills in ~3 weeks.
Just wanted to post an update. My daughter is 9 weeks post injury and is back to full weight bearing. Was pain free doing handstands etc at around 7 weeks. Isn’t tumbling or anything yet but started back with bar basics, giants, cast handstands, strap bar work and tramp tumbling.

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