WAG Gymnastics Hours for Team during the school year

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My dd has M-F, 3:30-7:30 and Saturday, 9-noon. She has had long daily practices since 7th grade.

I bring her hot dinner to eat on the home from practice every day do she can do homework as soon as she gets home. She just has to be very efficient wth her time. Sleep, eat, school, practice, homework, bed.

She gets leisure time on Saturday afternoons and Sundays.

At this point, they have to want it or it doesn't work.
I'd say 12 hours a week is the average hours for level 4. Many gyms do 4 days a week x 3 hours, but three days x four hours is the same amount of practice time.
We go M, T, R 5:30-8 (all levels of team). Of course, we have girls that also do school activities and come straight from them to gym. They tend to do homework in the car or on the bus or at lunch or during breaks at gym.
Some teachers will give them all their work in advance and they can do it when they don't have activities.

By switching from Saturday to Friday, your gym is making it so they have fewer make up days to contend with :) It's all good.
I'm on a usaigc program which is a little less intense than usag but our summer practice is the same as yours (M W F 3pm-7pm). However, during the year it is only 10 hours a week instead of the 16. Not sure if this helps though...
I would love that schedule for my level 4 DD. At our gym they practice 16 hours, including Saturdays.
My DD, lvl 6, does T, W, F, S. Total of 16 hours. Gold does 14, silver 12, bronze 9. Some are 4-8, some 4:30 to 8:30.
During school year, we train from 7 to 9 every weekday we choose to train. During summer we don't train. We are all in the equivalent of level 3-6
M-W-F 4-830 S 9-1230 Some girls also do Thursday 4-830.
So it is 17 hours or 21.5 hours for levels 6-9.
In my kiddos gym the level 4's practice 4-7 on M/W/F. Our practice hours are lower than many gyms we compete against.
Our gym often runs practices (for many levels including level 4) from 4:15-8 on week nights. We never have weekend practices- only the occasional open gyms to prepare for meet season. My dd often does her homework and/or violin practice in the morning and we try to tackle projects on weekends.
Last year was m,w,f 5h30 to 8h30
Friday 5h30 to 9h00 and sunday 9h00 to 1h00

On top of that, she was out of school on tuesday from 1h30 to 5h30 (as an exception) with the oldest more advanced gymnasts. She was 7 then. She has no problem in school but was tired by friday night practice !
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Question for those whose girls are on a Gymnastics team: our team recently changed the hours in the gym to M,W,F 4pm-8pm with no notice to the parents. Do you think this is a normal or good schedule? Do you have any issues with school and kids being tired ? Its a nice schedule for those who like weekends but the youngest kid is 8yrs old and the oldest is 13yr. Some parents are concerned about the hours, I havent decided how I feel yet.

The gym is a county gym and not a private gym. Also the gym does not offer TOPS or Hopes so we are not really elite. This is a level 4 group

What are your thoughts ?

Are you the parent? Rather odd username for an adult, let alone the fact you identify as a gymnast.
The Level 4's at our gym do 3 1/2 hours, 3 times per week (all weekdays). It sometimes takes some time to figure out the balance between gym, homework etc. If my daughter has a project due, big test or lots of homework she leaves practice early. So far it has worked out...she's Level 7 this year.
Xcel Bronze 2days x 3 hours
Xcel Silver 3days x 3 hours
Xcel Gold 3days x 4 hours
Xcel Platinum 3 (4th day optional) x 4hour
Xcel Diamond, L7-L9 4 days x 4 hours

Gold, Platinum and Diamond/L7-L9 all have 1 weekend practice. All the rest are during the week.
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our level 4 is m,w,f 3:45-6:45 and sat is 3 hours as well. maybe 4. they switched hours around so i think they are 9-12. i love having weekends off. i think it's perfect for lvl 4
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