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  1. A

    Anon Training Level 10 at age 7?

    Hello everyone, I came across a page of a child gymnast, she’s been discussed here before for unsafe gymnastics practices. I’m not gonna post her name for obvious reasons, but her and her mother recently talked about how her plan is to train level 10 once she is 7. The true minimum for level 10...
  2. O

    WAG Inequitable training hours

    Hi! I have a question about how gyms handle training hours between squads. At our gym, there is a [seemingly] "favourite" squad who has always had the privilege to get more training hours and special opportunities over other squads at our gym. For example, when the squad was training for level...
  3. A

    Anon Experiences as a parent of a HOPES/training elite gymnast?

    Hey y'all, I was wondering if there are any parents on this forum that can share their experiences with their gymnast participating in TOPs/HOPES and any type of 'training elite' or 'fast-track' program. What was their training schedule like? When did they get their schoolwork done? Did your...
  4. H

    Gymnasts Training with muscle ache

    So I'm not entirely sure where to post this, so I just posted it to the forums that seemed best. I am currently doing gymnastics once a week, and I want to switch to twice a week. The second class would be two days after the first one. The issue is, I tend to have muscle ache that lasts several...
  5. Gym_momma

    Parents Level 2/3 training hours

    My daughter is currently in level 2 and will move to level 3 once she gets her front hip circle. I'm curious how many hours others at similar levels train? She is 7.5 and doing 9 hours/week.
  6. G

    WAG How to find gyms that offer Elite training and HOPES program in the United States.

    I hate to sound really ignorant, but we are kind of new in the sense that my daughter still at a lower level. She has these big dreams that someday she wants to be on the national team. When I spoke to her Coach, she said she should know better than that. They only go up to level 10. We would...
  7. G

    Parents Too many training hours!

    Does anyone else struggle with the training hours required, and if gymnastics is the right sport for your kid? My daughter (who will turn 10 this summer) is training level 6 and moving to 15 hours a week (5 days/3 hours). I struggled last season with 4 days a week, and if I was doing the right...
  8. O

    WAG Training lower level teams together- positive or negative experiences?

    Hi everyone- Wanted to get your thoughts. My daughter is almost 6 and has been on a pre-team for the last 6 months. We are debating switching gyms and I am really struggling to make a decision. If she stays at her current gym she would compete L2 next year (they basically do just a few meets...
  9. A

    Anon Training up and competing down

    I’m wondering is it common for most gyms to train up and compete down. For example, a team that has gymnasts who have level 5-6 skills but compete level 4 and score well. Is this how most gyms operate or do most have the girls compete at their level?
  10. Stl-acro

    Coaches Ideas for time delayed video for Skill training.

    We currently use An old system to time delay video about 20 seconds for our spotting belts and skills. But need to replace due to parts breaking down. We have a old Analog camcorder going into TiVo/dvr that goes to our TV.. Tell TiVo to record on AV input 1, Wait about 20 seconds and tell...
  11. S

    Coaches Training in Barcelona

    Hello! Our family is considering a move to Barcelona from Austin, Texas, USA. We will live in Barcelona from August 2023 to June 2024. Our son is turning 11 years old soon and will be training level 7. Our daughter is 13 and will be training level 8. We will be visiting Barcelona from Friday...
  12. S

    Parents Training in Barcelona for a year

    Hello! Our family is considering a move to Barcelona from Austin, Texas, USA. We will live in Barcelona from August 2023 to June 2024. Our son is turning 11 years old soon and will be training level 7. Our daughter is 13 and will be training level 8. We will be visiting Barcelona from Friday...
  13. A

    Anon HOPES training - what to expect?

    Does anyone have information or experiences they can share about their DD's HOPES training path? I.e. what to expect in terms of rigor, competitions, expense etc. My DD was invited to join a HOPES track at her gym and we haven't committed yet, just looking for more information about others...
  14. A

    Parents Heel pain(severs apophysitis ) with increased training hours

    Hello all, first post here! Just took my young gymnast(6yo) to the sports medicine doc with heel pain. She recently increased her training hours from 4 to 9 since joining the gyms level 3 team. I was told she is experiencing “severs apophysitis” or basically pain in her growth plate area...
  15. G

    Coaches training hours for TOPS and elite pathway gymnasts?

    For any coaches/clubs who have elite pathway programs, training TOPS gymnasts or are training young gymnasts with a lot of potential, how many hours do your girls train a week? I have 5 girls on my team (ages 6-8) who seem to have a lot of potential and i’m trying to get a sense of what it takes...
  16. S

    Parents Spin Off The "Confused" Post, Question about Elite Training

    I'm just curious for more information after reading through the "Confused Myself" thread. I'm not really interested in doing junior elite with my 8yr old (level 4) but I do wonder if she may want to do senior elite someday. Is it possible for a child to go elite in a town with no elite gyms? I...
  17. Anonymous Post

    Anon Training frustrations

    I don’t understand, I never have, why gymnasts who are already good get extra training days offered to them to make them even better, while gymnasts who may be struggling or who could benefit from an extra training day do not get the same offer extended to them. I’m not talking about time...
  18. S

    Coaches CIT Program (Coach In Training)

    Thought I would ask here before I started the program at the gym. The program I ran at a previous gym we just did shadowing, because we were a fairly small gym, but this facility is much larger. I would like to implement a program that is even better! How do you run your CIT program? Do you...
  19. JBS

    WAG Gabby Douglas Training At WOGA?

    Ok... this could be awesome. Hopefully she is coming back!
  20. Lovegymmom

    Parents Vacation over training?

    Hi, everyone! This is my first post. I have an 11 year old daughter who is training level 5/6. We just made a gym change at the end of May because her former gym shifted to an all-Xcel model for the compulsory levels. The new gym has set practice days for each training group and her group...

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