WAG Gymnastics Injuries?

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Apr 24, 2019
I feel like I've had a lot of injuries during my gymnastics career. I've only been doing gymnastics for two years but I somehow made it up to Level 6 and train 5 days a week.
So far my injuries have been:
-Sprained my right ankle three times. First time it was from jumping off the low bar from a squat on, second time it was stepping off a mat, third time was hopping on one foot during warm-ups. (I took about a week off each time)
-Gotten my little toe caught in the springboard and ended up bursting a blood-vessel. (I took two days off)
-I broke the second metatarsal bone in my foot doing a back handspring step out in my room and accidentally kicking a dresser. (I took four weeks off in a boot)
-I have had IT Band syndrome in one of my knees (which was corrected by using a foam roller after every practice for three months). (I took no time off)
-I once landed really hard my big toe during a front aerial. (I took no time off)

And recently I had an MRI for a possible stress fracture in my back. (I get my results on Monday)

Has anyone else had tons of injuries?
Getting to L6 in only two years it might have taken a bit of a toll on your body. Training 5 times a week can be pretty intense, especially if you've progressed rapidly with less time for the body to get used to it.

I've been pretty fortunate, I never had a serious injury during my gym career, but overall injuries are part of a lot of gymnasts' careers.
I've had quite serious injuries, but my gymnastics injuries have not been more serious than my normal life injuries.

Also, don't do gymnastics at home! It's very dangerous and you can build bad habits. Only strength, flexibility and very basics (nothing more than handstands, and even then watch your form!)

Good luck in your career. And yes, I injuries suck but they are part of the sport.
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I have had a lot of injuries.

Many ankle sprains, broken 5th metatarsal, broken wrist, torn MCL (didn’t happen at gym but Dr. thought it was related to stress gym had placed on it), and worst was a back injury that had me out for about 6 mo.

Ended up being a couple of bulging discs, but I had 2 MRI’s and a ton of physical therapy. They were convinced it was either a stress fracture or maybe spondy for a while before finally diagnosing.

I have been healthy for the past couple years though, knock on wood! Good luck with your imaging results!
My primary care doctor said that once you have had 2 ankle sprains, you have "a history of ankle sprains" and it is easier for it to happen again. I had 1 in 5th grade (jumping out of a tree that i could look into my 2nd floor bedroom from), 1 in 7th grade (cheer tryouts - a straight jump, lol), one when I was 40ish (STANDING still at a counter in my kitchen). The 3rd one was when I got told I had a history of them ... and that I need to wear an ankle brace for walking ... and i have sprained that same ankle several times since then, but luckily, the more recent ones have all been mild sprains.
I was a self-taught gymnast years ago, but most of my injuries were NOT gymnastics related.

Good luck with your back. I hope you get good news.
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