Gymnastics - Quotes to Inspire

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Oct 6, 2007
Pittsburgh, PA

  • I made this whilst sitting at home, bored and with strep throat. I have sectionals this weekend and was looking for some inspiration. This is the result. :]
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I love this! I'm at regionals right now and I really needed this! Thanks so much it's really good! :)
All those quotes really just make you want to go out and try a new skill and just train harder :) so inspirational for all gymnasts whether beginners or elites :)
thank you all so much! @ countrygymnast94 - I'm pretty sure that's just a National Team training leo (which means it isn't available to us... bummer. They get special gear like that. :p).
I've collected them from all over the place. I have a quote book that I keep with me, and if I hear, see, or read a good quote, I'll write it down. :]
Can you pose it again? It won't let me see the quotes /:
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