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Hi everyone! :wave: First and for most my username is Scooterwinnie because my dog's name is Winnie and my grandma's pup is named Scooter. I love them so much! :) Anyway, I would like to mention that I don't go to a gym yet, but I might be going to one soon enough. I started doing gymnastics in 2nd grade, though I taught myself. I consider myself a good coach for the time being. :bouncy:I saw my friend doing cartwheels and I told her it was neat. She does cheerleading, so she knows a lot about gymnastics. That same day when I came home from school, I started practicing cartwheels on my front yard. It took about 3 weeks because I knew nothing about gymnastics, but later I became better and better. My heroes are Shawn Johnson, Mary Lou Retton, and Nastia Liukin. I pretty much admire all gymnasts out there!

I'm sure you get the point now, so I'll stop going on and on. :huge: I'd love to hear about you! Thanks for reading! Bye!:wave:

Not open for further replies.