Hey everybody ! some updates!

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Dec 4, 2008
Heeey guys ! I havent posted in a while so I thought that I would post and tell
you what I have been up too ! Well for some of you, you know about my back injury.. well it has healed thank god ! And I am gettting back into my regular training which is ALOT less then when I started because I am just getting back into it! So I go everyday for 4.5 hours. It will get bumped up to 6 hours in november because for now that would be to much for my back apparently! I have been doing ALOT of schooling trying to keep up ! I looked at my marks yesturday im AHEAD ! So all is going well with me! :D . How is everybody elses training going ! Or even how is your DD's training going? I will read && comment to all of your replies =]. Have a good day ! And reply ! :D .
Oh and if anybody is wondering what the updates are ! they are my skills in gym ! I am so thankful that I can do them again. So far whats in my routines are:

Tumbling line # 1 : RO BHS double back tuck.
Tumbling line # 2 : FHS FL front half
Tumbling line # 3 : RO BHS double twist.

- back handspring walkout back layout
- side ariel
- front tuck
- switch split back tuck

- giants
- front giants
- pak salto
- straddle back
- double back dismount

Vault: my weakest event EVER!
- layout yurchenko.

tell me yours! :D
What? No dbl Arabians? :D

Glad to read your back is feeling better. Just don't over do it... K? (I know..typical parent lol)

Your skills list is pretty darn impressive if you ask me. I'd love to read others. (nudge nudge, hint hint)

BTW: "ALOT" isn't a word.
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Good to hear from you, Crayola! Glad to hear you're doing well and have some awesome skills under your belt. A Yurchenko layout...pretty darn good for your weakest event ever!
Dec 16, 2007
Ontario, Canada
that's awesome! Good work!!
Are you doing gym at that new gym you wanted to move to?
It looks like you have improved a lot in a short time. Congrats


Dec 21, 2008
Crayola, I am so glad things are going well for you! Yeah, did you get to move to that gym that sounded so amazing? Your skills sound like they are coming along great, and its awesome that your back is doing better! Keep up the good work!


A layout for your vault! Wow--that is impressive.

I can't remember all Beth is working on--typical level 8 stuff, with 9 upgrades that she is working, but obviously can't compete yet. Her vault is a tsuk (spelling??) tuck, but they do yurchenkos in practice--not layouts though! I know she's doing BHS-BHS on vault.
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