Gymnasts Platinum Potential?

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I have only been in xcel gold for one season but I think I might be ready for platinum, I am already on the older side
of my team and really want to keep progressing, do you think I have a chance for next season? My gym can be unreliable sometime when is come to placing levels and just does what is most convenient for the coaches so I just wanted a second opinion.

my current skills:

Beam: cartwheel swing through cartwheel, hand stand, full turn, sisonne, front tuck dismount, cart wheel step together to back tuck dismount with a spot

Bars: all the gold requirements, flyaway, long hang kip, clear hip with a spot

Vault: front handspring

Floor: round off back handspring back tuck and layout, front handspring front tuck, switch leap but sloppy
Skill wise, depending when they choose when too move up, yes you most likely could.

But what were your scores like this year competing in gold?
I would say yes, we’d move you right up. We’d spend the summer working on that clear hip, a flight skill on beam (to have options), and just some other general upgrades and cleaning up.
I would say yes since most of your skills can fill the requirements for platinum but I would spend time on your clear hip and dismount

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