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May 3, 2008
:DHi! I am new to THE CHALK BUCKET and I started gymnastics as a freshman in high school. I am going to be a sophmore next year, so I am still a freshman. I wish I would have started gymnastics earlier and so do my coaches. I guess they say I have a natural talent that some gymnasts don't have. I really want to do college gymnastics since my level status is pretty much shot. I am here to meet other gymnasts and get advice on how to be a better gymnast!
Hi nice to meet you! Well, I have a kip, full, cast handstand, and I begin learning yurchenkos and possibly giants durind the summer. How about you?
Hey and welcome! Are you on your HS team or do you do club? Good luck with everything!
Thats awesome um I have Kips free hips giants flyaways on bars then on beam I do bhs bhs and full turns and split leaps and switch split leaps and jumps and all that cool stuff and I'm working on perfecting my 1 handed cartwheel so I can put it in my beam routine next season lol and on floor I do front tuck step out roundoff bhs back tuck sometimes to a layout if its good lol then I twist my layouts and I do fhs front pike and and vault I do fhs full but I'm working on upgrading it all for next season.
Awesome! Yeah i didn't include everything I do because I really d on't know what to call them. LOL! Do you do club or high school?
Wow, well you're certainly doing pretty well for someone who's just started CHSgymnast16! Welcome to the board and good luck sounds like you have a ton of potential :)
Not open for further replies.