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Oct 26, 2007
and have you ever had a situation where you child was ready to move up but there weren't enough slots? My DD is at tryout camp this week and I think that she has a good chance of making the team. I think that she would make the team no problem if they weren't under a numbers crunch. Our level 4 team is capped out at 22. I figure with the kids repeating 4 and the preteam move ups that there might only be slots for 6-9 girls and 20 are trying out. I understand that the gym can only take so many but I would hate for my daughter to be left out for that reason. Our level 5 is 19 kids and our 6's have 11.

gym law mom

Proud Parent
Dec 23, 2006
Neither gym we've been at has ever had a cap on the number of girls on a team, but neither gym had teams below L5 and those seem to be the largest in terms of pure numbers. I guess for your gym it does come down to how many girls they can coach/get ready for meets etc. and 22 is quite a few. Sounds like its a stressful week for all concerned considering the number of girls wanting to move up.

Do you find out at the end of the week re: dd's status or are they going to make you wait? If she doesn't make the team this week, is that it until next summer or could she move up later on?

Right now, I think our gym has 12-14 in L5 and 9 or so at L6
Feb 4, 2008
Region IV
The largest lvl 4 team I've seen was 17. That required 3 coaches on the floor with the girls. If we don't have 3 coaches, the numbers are smaller. I think dd1's lvl 4 year they had 9 (2 coaches). Dd2's they had 14 (2 coaches and things were stretched VERY thin).

Each year attrition claims some of the team, so expect the numbers to decline. Nationally, USAG's stats show about 1/2 the girls out by lvl 6.


Proud Parent
Oct 26, 2007
For the level 4 team they have 3 coaches.
This has been very stressful for me and my DD. If they don't make it they have to wait until next year. They post the results on Saturday morning so we will have to drive to the gym and read the list posted on the door.
Feb 4, 2008
Region IV
We got a letter in the mail, but that meant that results were delayed a week to 10 days after selections were made.

Sorry this is so stressful. How old is your dd, anyway? At a level a year, a girl could still make lvl 10 and do two seasons of it if she starts competing at age 10. When our gym has to limit the number of new level 4s it can take, they lean toward the older girls if things could go either way between some of the girls trying out. They figure the younger really do have time and can wait.


Right now we have 12 girls on the L4 team. I've not come across a team's being "full" but then again, ours is a pretty small gym.


Proud Parent
Mar 7, 2008
Region 7
We don't have a "cap" or really a minimum. The year Big DD was Level 4, there were 4 of them ages 6, 8, 9, 12. The year Little Monkey was Level 4, there were 14 girls. For the upcoming season, we will have:
Level 4 - 10
Level 5/6 - 12 total - 4 new level 5's, 2 girls repeating L5, 2 girls repeating L6 and another 4 girls I"m not sure if they are staying at 5 or moving up.
Level 8 - 7
Level 9- 1
Jan 17, 2008
Our Gym doesnt compete until Level 5. It is hard to say how many we have in each level this up coming season since we are still doing some move arounds. But Last year we had
10 Level 5's,
5 Level 6's,
6 Level 7's,
6 Level 8's,
3 Level 9's and
1 Level 10.


Moderator/Proud Parent
Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
We have had a sudden influx of girls from another gym so our team (L3-8) has grown from 15 ( about 5 of those 15 left our gym) to 23.

we will have:
L3 - 11
L4 - 0
L5 - 7
L6 - 4
L8 - 1

gym monkeys mom

Proud Parent
Oct 3, 2007
We have had some big compulsary teams and they get very hard to manage it seems. the coaching staff has not capped the levels but is trying to slow down things a bit and get ready for what will be an infllux of class kids which will eventually spill over to team. Good qualified coaches are a hot commodity in MN right now. There are a few clubs looking fo coachs. Also in our areaa 3 new clubs opened in the last 1 1/2years. It makes for a lot of moving on team kids parts. The grass always looks greener some place else. For some people a switching is a good thing on both parts everyone is not happy under the same gym systems. Ironically enough we have had a few want to come back. Sorry for the rambling.:rolleyes: Here is how our team looks now. It could change as kids are moving around this summer.

Level 4 -6-8girls
Level 5- 8girls
Level 6 6-7girls
Level 7 -4girls
Level 8-1girl
Level 9-1girl

We also have a boys team of around 30 boys which is big for boys teams I'm told.:eek:


This is our compulsories:

L3 - not sure - 5 or 6 I think (this is the first time they are doing a L3 team)
L4 - 12
L5 - 5
L6 - none- they all qualified out to go right to 7.

The gym my dd was at before had tons of girls trying for a few spots on the L5 team (they didn't compete lower than that). I know they had about 40 girls every year trying for 12-15 spaces. Needless to say many never made it and ended up quitting.


Proud Parent
Mar 1, 2007
Our Level 4's started last Sept (our gym did not have any competing L4-L6's past couple yrs)with about 15 girls. We had a few add-ons towards the end of the season which probably brought the numbers up to about 19. After States about 1/2 of them moved up to L5 and got a few more additions (total about 13 now) and then our little L4group got some new girls too, plus some pre-teamers which now totals us now at about 10.

Like I mentioned, our gym has been doing some re-building of the compulsary teams and doing pretty well. Our L4 team came in 9th at States (out of 45 gyms) and our newbie L5's came in 12th or 13th out of about 36 gyms. But with that said, there really is no rhyme or reason on selection process right now, LOL I say all the time my DD got "thrown" in as an extra at age 6 to clear out the pre-teamers. We've had a couple girls come over from some other gyms or other programs, and a couple of our pre-teamers moved up. If my DD were going to another gym w/established (or larger) compulsary teams I doubt anyone would have seen potential in her. She would never had had the opportunity. But she does have the drive and is very physical, wins all the conditioning races! We were in the right place at the right time and I love smaller gyms.

At our first meet last year there was one group from here in NJ that had at least 25 L4's. When they came out to stretch & needed so much floor space, our mouths dropped!

We have no L6's at the moment. One girl from L5 is now training L7. We have quite a few L7's and L8's, 2 or 3 L9's and one L10 & no elites


Proud Parent
Feb 16, 2008
Last year our gym had:

Level 3--13
Level 4-- 4
Level 7--1
Level 8--2
Level 10-1

This year
Level 3--I think 3-6
Level 4--12-16
Level 5 --7
Level 6--2
Level 7--1
Level 8--1

Our team is pretty much maxed out.
Apr 9, 2007
I run a fairly large team program. We just did our numbers for this year and we come out to:

4's - 26
5's- 19
6's - 17
7's - 18
8's - 11
9's - 8
10's - 6

3 pre-elite / level 10

1 senior international elite.


Well our gym is a bit backwards....the bulk of our team are all optional, actually between L8 and L9. Here's the breakdown:

L2 - 7ish
L3- first year they have L3...about 9ish
L4- 2 maybe even 1
L5- 2
L6- 1

L3-L6 all train together..same class but different exercises

L7- 4ish maybe even 2 not sure!
L8- 10ish
L9- 15
L10 - 2 (1 will be going Elite soon)

And 1 International Elite...Jessica Gil

Our HC/Owner said they started this time when they were all small. She focused alot on theses girls and forgot she had to keep building her team. So they are back at trying to develope a new team. Hence the amount of L2s and L3. No one was really ready for L4 except Olivia who was too young :rolleyes:


Sep 9, 2007
Pre-team – 10
Level 4 – 8
Level 5 - 7
Level 6 - 4
Level 7 – 4
Level 8 – 2
Level 9 – 1
Level 10 - 1


Coach/Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Jun 11, 2008
We have 22 level4s
25 level5s
15 level6s
21 level7s
5 level8s
3 level9s We do put a cap on lower levels but dont have a tryout week. We Just send letters out at the beginning of the spring session saying your daughter is being considered for team . Since this is a family commitment as well as your daughters please let us know by week 4 if you would be interested . By doing this we know how many spots we have available. The last day of the session we send out either invitations to team or repeat preteam at this time. We also send out a check list to show the parents what they have accomplished and what they need to still accomplish to make team. This seems to make things clear to the parents and avoid most problems or disappointments.
Jan 9, 2008
We have 8 level 4 and 2 coaches, level 5 has around5 and 6 around 4. It seems alot smaller than alot of the gyms we compete againest after as girls quit they seem move up new girls to the team.
Sep 8, 2007
Our gym has
Prep opt-13
They did not have try outs when my dd started she was invited .They are now this year doing tryouts.I believe they are starting to get a lot of parents interested in the team thing.When my dd was invited I didn't have a clue that team started at such a basic level I figured when she was 9-10 we would check it out.I can see where they would have to cap off at a certain #.Wish your dd the best of luck!
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