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  1. JBS

    Parents Season 2023-2024: How is your gymnast doing?

    Just wanted to do an update for all of the parents on the current season. How is your child doing? Have they started competing yet? What is their best event? Any problems or injuries? If they haven't started competing yet... how is preseason coming along?
  2. GymnastMomX2

    Parents When / How long is your season?

    Kind of a spin off of the qualifying for states thread. When does your season start / end, and how many meets do your kids compete in? Do you guys do travel meets? We start in mid-January and finish in March-May depending on level. Levels 3-5 have 5 meets, no state or anything as it’s in the...
  3. gym_dad32608

    NCAA College Gossip Season begins!

    Only a couple weeks removed and all sorts of activity happening in college gymnastics. I know folks are either to scared to post or shy or just dont care about college gymnastics (although I find that hard to believe on this site), but I thought it would be cool to start a thread marking all...
  4. A

    Anon Move up season

    The title says it all. While optionals finish their season in our region, compulsory groups are starting to shuffle. My gymnast likes order, predictability, and routine and spring workouts are…none of those things. It turns her into a crazy person. Her beloved workout group is currently 2 levels...
  5. T

    Parents Texas Gymnastics Season & Moving from Xcel to JO

    I have an 11-year-old daughter who just completed her first season as an Excel platinum. We currently live in Illinois. She did compete JO level 4 and made it to state the year that she did. Last year she was a gold, and this year she competed as a platinum. We currently live in the Chicago...
  6. WingingIt

    Parents Let her retire mid season?

    After a long break from gymnastics, my daughter is competing again this year. It's what she wanted... Or so she thought. After getting a lot of push back about going to practice, we settled on this being her last season. I won't lie, I was sad but we've lived without gymnastics before and I know...
  7. AYEMama

    Parents Abrupt end of her season...

    I got that terrifying phone call yesterday... "You need to come, quick". I got there within seconds and was riding in an ambulance with her moments after. It was pretty much a freak accident, falling arm first (like diving) from the high bar. Not doing upgrades, not doing anything out of the...
  8. D

    WAG Most number of 10s in a season

    A question came up recently - is there a record for the most number of 10s in a season or year? Especially in DP, even better in compulsories?
  9. skschlag

    NCAA MAG season starts Saturday!!

    So excited for this college season! NCAA meets: Saturday, January 7 1:00 pm Greenville, Simpson @ Michigan 4:00 pm Army @ Penn State Gymact: Washington Open Post links if you get them!!!
  10. gym_dad32608

    NCAA 2023 College Season Starts Friday!

    Crazy how quick it seems to come up, much like all of our DD's seasons! Chalk says its going to be between Florida and Oklahoma for the title. I am hoping that the Gators can pull it together and nail it at the right time to finally vanquish Oklahoma. But idk what KJ does, but she always...
  11. L

    Parents First meet in the season!

    Tomorrow, at an ungodly hour, we travel two hours to our first meet of the season. It's a new level for us this year (DP8). New for me this year...the kid's best friend is doing her hair, and I don't have to! My kid's goal--be competitive at DP 8. My kid's challenge--giants. No problem last...
  12. iLUVgymnastics:)

    WAG Do you think I have the right skills to make it to gold next season

    Floor skills Round off double back handspring, Front handspring, Front handspring step out, handstand forward roll, back walkover, front walkover, round off, cartwheel, backward roll to push up, back extension roll, and side aerial. I am currently working on back tuck. Beam skills Handstand...
  13. JBS

    WAG Suni's Last Season At Auburn

    Here it is...
  14. JBS

    Parents Meet Season 101: The Ultimate Guide

    Check out our newest article by our fabulous writer Jen Kula. Let us know what you think by posting a comment!
  15. Anonymous Post

    Anon Upgrades during meet season?

    Curious - does your gym have the girls work upgrades during meet season? Our gym doesn't but I've seen quite a few that do.
  16. MuggleMom

    Parents Upgrade Season

    So meet season is over for my kid and she did fantastic peaked at the right time and it was so cool to watch. Now its time to start training for level 9 . Honestly how the first half of the year went I thought for sure she would be repeating 8 and was fine with that so this is a cool surprise...
  17. B

    Parents Advice for how to handle shifting teams now that the meet season is over?

    Hi all! We're wrapping up our first competitive season and looking for wisdom on how to handle the upcoming team shuffles. My daughter really loves her teammates, but I just met with her coaches and they are moving her from Silver to Gold. This is unexpected for us as she joined the team late...
  18. F

    Coaches working on a google sheets to track team season

    would you be interested in a google sheet to track you team season individual athletes certain levels or events and so on. i have been working on one for me and my kids i have spent countless hours on it and just curious what others thoughts on the topic are/would be!
  19. gym_dad32608

    NCAA Quarter season done, kinda, what do you think?

    With so many delays/cancellations due to covid, not everyone is at the same point but most teams have completed 3-4 meets. I feel like I have watched a pretty wide swath of teams with multiple meets recorded, streamed and attended every weekend in our household. My observations so far...
  20. R

    Parents First meet this season!

    Hey all let's chat! Assuming most of your gymnasts have competed by now, how did your first (and second) meets go? Ill start! DD1 had an amazing meet, some beam issues but overall very good. She was extremely proud when she worked out if she had a beam similar to last year she would have been...