For Parents How to choose preteam gym


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May 19, 2021
Hi! I have two daughters (5 and 3) and the older one was invited to a Hot Shots program at our gym, which from what I can see, teaches a lot of skills in the class. My younger daughter was not invited, so I checked out another local gym and they were both invited to the Hot Shots program, but from what I can see, it focuses more on strength and flexibility and not skills. My 5 year old also seems on the older side for both programs, as the kids all look to all be about 3-4. Is my 5 year old too old for a Hot Shots program? Is a gym focusing on only strength and flexibility good for a 5 year old, particularly when she is most excited to learn and master new moves? Which gym would you choose for your daughter if you knew she wasn't going to be an Olympic gymnast, but she loves the sport, is very determined/hard working, and wants to compete (and win!) hopefully starting soon and throughout high school and maybe college? Thanks so much!


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Sep 4, 2008
I would focus on the gym where the gymnasts look happy and healthy. Observe team practice, are lots of the gymnasts walking around with knees, ankles and/or elbows wrapped? Are the coaches making corrections but still enjoying the team? Are there obvious favorites or is everyone getting attention? Talk to the parents, ask about the culture of the team.

Does the gym have a history of getting athletes into college? Are those gymnasts ones that came up through the gym or transfers from other programs?
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