NCAA Is OU actually vulnerable?!

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Aug 7, 2018
Obviously watched the two meets Friday and Yesterday. OU has been one of the few teams that I havent been able to see much of this season, mainly because of their conference (hurry up and get in the SEC!). Up until this weekend with the scores that they have been putting up, they had this mystical, unstoppable force persona to me. Light years ahead of any other team, could count a fall and still cruise but now I dont know. I still think they are the strong favorite, but at least I believe there is a chance for some tight competition come nationals. UF and Michigan are the only teams that I think can top them. I would say Utah but Grace is an unknown at this point. All squads are going to have to bring their A games and sticks will again be the difference (I am looking at you Gators!). Now I am really excited for the post-season.
It really looks like it's going to be who makes the most mistakes. OU is a pretty major force and super consistent. It's all just about hit routines... I think both Florida and Michigan have the routines to win... they just have to hit them.
I always say: Anything can happen on any given day. Thats what makes it exciting! No one is "unbeatable"!
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There was definitely a little senior night home scoring going on, but OU contributed and opened the window a bit. It is hard, do you extrapolate too much with 2 back to back meets and them showing some wobbles and un-stuck landings? Historically, OU has been the only team to lock-in during the post season so I would tend to lean into just some tired legs and long season. They still are the heavy favorite.

While I think NQS does not mean anything except for the cut-off teams, it does make it fun as we near the post season to see who will end up in what regional.
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Even though I love OU gymnastics, I love an underdog and would love to see Florida or Michigan win the championship. Florida has my favorite roster now and this Minnesotan would love to see a Big10 school win. I lived in Norman as a kid and my first gym coach was a very young Steve Nunno so OU always has a special place in my heart (even if I went to UT but they don't have a team so it doesn't matter). OU has the most consistent post season so there's that...
I find OU really boring to watch solely because they are so darn consistent. It's like watching a replay every week. And while I don't like watching them, this is exactly why/how it is their championship to lose...
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Yes, and I think many outsiders dislike that OU has been smart and knows how to work the code. They were the first team to really start the 2 pass phase that is now so prevalent. They also have perfected the "Oklahoma stick" with the wide foot stance, shoulders slightly lowered and butt flared out. Again, all within the code and kudos to them for using every advantage they can find to win.
I think a lot will depend on vault. Also, I am looking forward to all the top teams being scored together and by 4 judges (am I correct that championships has a 4-judge panel?)...maybe less inflated scoring all-around. I'm in the SEC region but also a huge PAC-12 fan, so hating that both groups compete at the same time today!