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Hello :)

So it has been a long time since I posted. I wanted to do a meet report, but my dd is not in gymnastics anymore but when she competed level 3 a few years ago I took careful notes and would like to share.

This was her very first meet ever!!! She was the tallest one on her team.

First up was Floor-
Looked very clean, but a few bent legs and a few toes not pointed, but overall pretty good. Score: 8.875

Vault- Vault is her strongest event.
Looked wonderful! Maybe a little piked, but pretty good. Score: 9.75!:eek:

Bars- Bars has always been her weakest event. She cannot get that squat on for anything!!! She jumped a little on her pullover and her cast was not very tight, but overall pretty good for her first time. Score- 8.975

Lastly was beam- Her favorite event! Everything looked good not a wobble in sight! Score- 9.45

Vault- 1st!
Bars-7 they only went out to 6th
Beam- 2nd!!!
Floor- 4th
AA- 37.050! 3rd place overall!

I was very proud of her especially since this was her first meet!

She was 10 and now she is 14, but I really wanted to do a meet report on her meets, so that is why I am just now posting this. I will post more during the season, (from her level 3) if that is ok. Thanks for letting me share!
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