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At practice on Saturday Juju got to ring the bell for her ROBHSBT. She is very excited to truly have a 'big girl' skill. Isn't it funny how they progress in their thinking. I remember when she got her ROBHS and she thought THAT was a 'big girl' skill.

She is very close on her kip. Her coach says at this point it is a timing thing because she is only getting a finger spot and she does it very nicely.

The coaches are planning for her to compete level 4 again next year. She will turn 7 just before the season starts and she is still very small. She also struggles with vault because of this. Juju is happy either way. She improved from a AA in the 28's at the beginning of the season to 35's at State. While she did really well, she only had 4 top 3 finishes all season and they were all third place. At State she was in an age group with just 6 year olds and that made a huge difference. She has mentioned working hard over the summer to be ready to compete Level 5. In our gym, this has happened in the past when a girl has proven over the summer they are ready to move up so we shall see. With her being so young, I think I would rather her stay at 4 another year. If she did move up, I would worry about her balancing 1st grade and practice 4 nights a week from 4:30-8:30. Heck, that is past her bedtime - LOL.

Also, the gym had its Spring Show last week. I will try to post video of the Level 4's dance this weekend. It was cute...
So nice to hear an update on Juju! ROBHSBT, wow!! Good for her. Juju will do great either way. The vault probably would be a struggle because she is so itty bitty, but I am sure she would rock the rest of the L5 events. They obviously uptrain and keep them challenged, so if she does end up staying at L4 for another year, she could possibly skip a level in the future, and she will be able really rock and still have fun and progress.

Abby is doing level 4 again, but because we moved to another gym. I think it will be really good for her as she didn't see much improvement over her season. She was upset at first, but now that she is really improving on her skills, form and strength at her new gym, she understands why. I am happy to have her at 10 hours a week still for another year, she would have been doing level 5 and 16 hours a week at her old gym and that just seems too much for a 6/7 year old to me. We homeschool, but I still wasn't ready for her to be at the gym so much so soon. LOL.

Nice to hear from you!! Hope you guys have a great summer.
Good for her!! Sounds like she's doing great. Good luck to her on moving up a level too--our gym will do that over the summer as well, if a girl has all the skills for the next level up.
Wow that is great! I like the idea of the bell as then everyone in the gym can be aware and that really makes the gymnast feel proud! Way to go!!
Sounds like she is having a blast!! Good for her :D
Good job on the ROBHSBT, that's IMPRESSIVE!

I think Pixie and Juju may get their kips around the same time. Pixie is so close too. They told her they will order her grips after she gets the kip. So, she's been gunnin for it, lol!

I'm crossing my fingers for Juju & Pixie!
That kip is very tricky. Abby was close for a long time, but at her new gym with her awesome bars coach, she took her back to basics and really helped her. Within a month she got her kip and it is starting to look really good. By the time she needs, which is a LONG time away, it will be beautiful!! ;)

Sending the kip fairy to Juju and Pixie!!!!

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