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I just got a job at a gymnastics place in a small little town and there aren't any other gyms for like 60 miles. I've been there for a week now and I just don't feel like I have the same coaching style as they do. I want to be able to coach gymnastics but I can't seem to make a compromise with my coaching style. They are very laid back and I have never been part of a gym that has been this laid back. It's not that they don't do their job because they do; they meet the needs of the area. I guess that I am just used to a team structure and they are very rec. based. Once again, nothing wrong with that just something I am not used to. I never really coached rec. classes so I am almost at a loss for how to even coach a rec. class. I need the job because I need the money. I only have 7 hours a week there and I need about 15 to 17 hours to break even with all my expenses. I am moving in December when the semester is over so I will have only been there for 4 months. I need more hours so I have been looking for another job. If I do get another job, should I try to work both or should I stay at the gym? I really need more hours and more money and I don't really like the way the gym is run, just in my personally opinion and previous personal experience working at other gyms. Any advice?


Jan 18, 2009
I'm in the same boat as you. I've worked at the same gym for a little less than a year now our coaching styles are vastly different. Like your gym, the goal is mostly rec. The kids just want to have fun and even those in the team groups aren't incredibly motivated. They get bored working on basics so the coaches move them on to skills they aren't ready for and it's just not the kind of environment I'm used to. They want to play games, throw a fit if you don't move them up even if they aren't ready, complain constantly, and like to tell the coaches what they want to do on a particular day or turn. I just feel like all of my efforts are in vain. Right now, I'm getting about 1.5 hours a week because enrollment is down and because I'm not a "fun" coach. It's incredibly frustrating but I've decided to just stick it out as long as I can. I had to sign a contract when they employed me that if I quit or was fired I could not work at another gym within a 50 mile radius for a year. So I have no other options either. I'm hoping to be out of this town in a year and a half so I just figure it will be a good job to have on a resume as I plan on applying at gyms when I move and it's better than nothing. It's also teaching me a lot about how I don't want to run a gymnastics program!
If you can find another job that will get you a few extra hours while still allowing you to work at the gym and go to school, I think that would be ideal. But if you can't stand the gym at all, I think maybe calling it quits and going for another job might be best. I've thought about that quite a few times because I just get so frustrated, but I'm hoping that sticking it out will pay off down the road somewhere.
I totally know how you feel and I wish you all the best, it's a rough situation!


Proud Parent
Jun 26, 2008
I'll give you a different point of view....take what you can learn from this job (there is always something that you can learn)!

It may be your mindset that needs to change. Gymnastics has so many benefits WAY beyond preparing gymnasts for competition and strict team structure. Strength, confidence, willingness to try something new or out of your comfort zone, body awareness, flexibility.....the list goes on. If this is the only gym in the area then by giving these children rec classes gives them a taste of something otherwise out of reach.

Enjoy teaching the rec kids. Have fun! Let them have fun learning the basics of gymnastics...you are giving each student an opportunity to challenge themselves in so many ways. You may spark a lifelong interest in gymnastics or coaching or teaching in one of the students that you work with.

You will learn and grow from this experience;)
I thank you both for your response its just sooo hard! Like I totally agree with you both. But ginnymac its soo hard for me to get out of the team mentality; I know I need to but its just soo hard. Today was a better day but still its like these kids just want to play around and hang out with there friends and half the team kids don't even show up half the time and half the time is one out of two days...crazy! in my opinion but another thing is that I am totally not used to a small town, well a town this small. like less than 2,000 people! I lived in a town with 20,000 people in like 2 cites that counted for that population and then the previous place that I lived has 3 million people in that town so its like a humongous difference! I think it may be okay but I still need another job and its soo hard to find a job here, its been 4 months for me to try to find this job so I have no idea how hard its going to be to find another job. I have been looking but not very actively, but I am going to tomorrow and next week to hopefully find that second job.

coachmolly-where do you live and why in the world would a gym put the 50 mile radius restriction on you? that is extremely harsh in my opinion.
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