WAG Layout flyaway mental block

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Aug 3, 2022
I’ve perfected my layout flyaway and have even started to do cast handstand layouts on the pit bar, but I started to flip before I let go of the bar and developed a mental block after bailing twice at a practice.

My coach told me to work on something different for now but every time I think of this mental block it stresses me out and o get really anxious. I’ve never had a mental block before. I always just go for it. I went for my back handspring on high beam just because I wanted to within the same day that I had first tried it on a medium beam so this feeling of not being able to do a skill is new for me. I can do tuck flyaways but not layouts and not even dead cows. (Just letting go and not flipping onto a mat land on your back.)

I’m really stressed because I can tell this will set me back for a while and I really don’t want it to interrupt my training.


Mar 20, 2022
My biggest advice to you is just to relax. It sounds like you get most skills quite fast but the reality of high-level gymnastics is that will not happen very often as you progress higher in the levels. I know it may be frustrating but working through this mental block will teach you many lessons that you will use in the future of your gymnastics career. Wishing you the best of luck and just know it is all a process!