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  1. GymDadWA

    WAG Flipping vault with a tighter tuck

    Any coaches have drills or cues they use to get a gymnast to tuck tighter when flipping Yurchenko Vaults? Guessing it's a timing/technique thing but DD just doesn't rotate fast enough and lands chest down or falling onto her knees. Watching her in slow motion she has her head back. Coach was...
  2. Trying_to_tumble

    WAG Over-rotating in front tuck

    So I’ve had my front tuck on tramp for many months at this point, but a couple of weeks ago over rotation became a serious problem. I nearly got injured, but even though I didn’t it set a bit of a mental block, which is disappointing on such a simple skill. I really don’t know how to over rotate...
  3. Gymnast2009

    WAG front tuck, round off backhand spring, and long hang pullover drills

    I’m very close to to my front tuck and I’m landing them in a squat inconsistently onto a mat ground level in the pit, but what are some good drills I can set up, preferably on rod or normal floor, I don’t like doing it on tramp because I over rotate and so I don’t punch as hard and then when I...
  4. leighselrayne

    WAG kips, tsuks and half on half off front tuck vaults?

    in practice i work on high bar/low bar kips, tsuks and half on half off front tuck vaults (anyone know what those are called?) and I'm struggling with some so i would appreciate some advice! kips: I've been working on kips for a few months now and I know its getting better and I'm literally at...
  5. E

    WAG Twisting in Normal Front Tuck

    I am learning a front tuck right now, and there was a station that was just a front tuck from an elevated trampoline onto a mat. Every time I did it, I was dropping my left shoulder and sort of twisting/falling to the side. How can I fix that?
  6. everydaygymnastics

    WAG Back Tuck Mental Block

    Hi I am working on my back tuck and I have a mental block. My coaches told me to do a standing tuck into the pit, and they spotted me, but I am scared to do it because I am scared I will hit my head, even though I have done a back tuck into the pit before. Any tips?
  7. D

    WAG Front tuck

    So I'm really good on floor, especially with back tumbling and dance elements. However, my biggest weakness on that event is the dreaded front tumbling. No, seriously, it took me 4 months and five private lessons just to get a solid front handspring. Anyways, I've been working on front tucks...
  8. H

    Parents First mental block: back tuck off beam

    Hello everyone! Im 13 and I started gymnastics In September 2022. (Yes I know that’s pretty late ) This is my first sport. Im currently working on a back tuck off the high beam.. but I am absolutely terrified of hitting my head on the beam. I go to gymnastics once a week on Saturday’s. I started...
  9. Anonymous Post

    Anon How to get height in a back tuck?

    My daughter has her round off back handspring back tuck. She is competing it, but I know she is taking deductions for not having her tuck high enough. She says she doesn’t know how to get her tuck higher. Does anyone have any advice I can share with her to help her achieve this? For reference...
  10. Gymnast2009

    WAG Punch front or front tuck on floor

    I am having trouble with landing a punch front or a front tuck on floor. I need for my gold pass but I always land on my butt. How can I get a more powerful punch or run or get more height or something? I have really good on tumble track and stick it most of the time but when I try to do it even...
  11. iLUVgymnastics:)

    WAG Tips to not throw back head in back tuck

    At practice I keep throwing my head back in my back tuck. I want to stop throwing my head back so I can start working on my back handspring back tuck. If anyone has some tips for throwing your head back I would love to see them in the replies.
  12. P

    Parents Round off Back tuck

    My 13-year-old daughter goes to a gym once a week. Her first class was last week. Before this, she was self-taught for about a year and a half. Her goal is to be a competitive gymnast. Her highest skill that she taught herself is a standing back tuck (when she went to her first class last week...
  13. M

    WAG Front tuck: bend at waist?

    When doing a front tuck flip, am I supposed to think about bending at the waist forward, to get into that tucked position (so my hands can closely grasp the legs)? Is there an ab crunch situp motion? I have one gymnast teacher telling me there is, other one saying I should not actively think...
  14. M

    WAG Front Tuck Flip, how to envision hips and glutes

    I am working on the front tuck flip at gymnastics training center. How should I envision what I do with my glutes during the flip? Should I "think about lifting my glutes over my head" or lifting it over the shoulder? How do you train your students?
  15. M

    WAG Similarities between Front Dive Roll and Front Flip Tuck, how is it a progression?

    They always say a Front Dive Roll is a Progression into a Front Flip Tuck. I don't get it. What are the similarities? What parts are alike? I can do a Front Dive Roll, but not a Front Tuck flip yet.
  16. jariellest

    WAG Trouble on back tuck set

    My gymnast is 14, and working on a handspring tuck and is having a hard time. She’s transitioning from back handspring to tucks and is struggling on the set. She has extremely powerful tumbling and rebounds (fast too) but lacks control and air awareness. She understands everything she needs to...
  17. M

    WAG Proper Mat to learn front tuck flip?

    I have been learning and conditioning for the front flip tuck. To test in real environment, what is a good type of mat to learn? Is it a cheese wedge mat? My gymnast coach wants me to learn on 1) regular panel mat, but I was hearing 2) a incline cheese wedge would be better to alleviate the...
  18. E

    Parents Struggling with a Round Off Backhandspring Back Tuck

    Hi, My daughter is struggling with connecting her round off backhandspring back tuck. She can do her round off triple backhandspring and a round off back tuck beautifully. Are there any tips or tricks?
  19. Anonymous Post

    Anon Help with FHS Front Tuck Vault

    Are there any coaches who would be willing to have me send you videos of my dd’s FHS Front vault, and provide feedback? We are going on 2 years of working this vault in the gym, and I feel like she could use a new perspective in order to successfully land this vault on a hard surface. Thank you...
  20. G

    WAG Tips for a front tuck dismount?

    Does anyone have any tips for a front tuck dismount on beam? I'll go for it but I can never land all the way on my feet, at best it's a low squat. My front tuck on floor is rarely landed but our coaches want us to do an end of beam dismount and I'll never go for a back tuck so this is my best...

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