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Jul 29, 2007
My dd is 7 years old and basically looks like Nastia Likin. Skinny with long skinny legs. The top part of her legs are very, very small. When she sits in a straddle, most of the leos we try on do not cover her very well b/c they don't fit her legs tight enough. I just want my dd to be covered and modest. Does anyone have any suggestions for leos that fit in the legs really tight for girls with tiny legs? Her leos now are to small in the girth and she constantly digs. She likes one of the Alpha Factor leos. Would this be a good fit for her? I would have to buy online, so I hate to purchase something that just would totally not fit.

I don't have any suggestions re: leo fit per se, but she could wear those tight workout shorts over her leo. GK Elite makes some really nice velvet ones.

What about one of those leos with the shorts built in/added on, we had several of those. It also helps with the wedgies as she can wear undies with them!!
Our coach doesn't like biketards or the shorts that go over the leos. We tried on like 8 leos today (all GK Elite). The one that fit her in the legs was a CS. That is the size her leos are now, but they are too short in the girth. She said they hurt her shoulders and ride up her crotch area. We tried on some CM, and they were not a good fit in the crotch area.
my DD is 8 and is very skinny. She is wearing a child large in a Satara. There are some pictures of her in the photo gallery - Noodlebugs Pictures, may help to see if they are similar in size. She is about 4ft tall and weighs about 45 lbs.
Could you try a Child medium and then tac the leg holes at the crotch to make them smaller? I'm not sure if it would work. Just trying to give more options. DD has larger legs so it's not an issue for us.
You could also do gymnastics briefs under the leo. That way she is covered, but the rest of the leo is more comfortable. My dd is also tall and skinny - but her torso is very short so we were always able to get away with smaller sizes.
We also have this problem. DD is below the 3% in weight. Except that she is skinny all over and leos fight terrible everywhere. My mom (God Bless her) has altered many leos. She has aded darts and other creative ways to take it in. If they leos have alot of pattern to them you can't even see the aterations unless you are looking for him. For the legs she sews a little thread right along the seem line and pulls it tight and that sort of cinches it in alittle. I have told my mom that we are almost to the point where she is going to have to take the leo apart and just take out material and reput it back together.
What about trying a 'dancewear' store? My Middle daughter is in dance and her leos have adjustable straps? That way you can get teh Child Small but make the torso longer?
Jagwear Virtual Designer NEW! 2008 Competitive Leo Designer will custom make leos, they have lovely fabrics and also have US pricing. If you call and tell them your DD's measurements, they will make a great fitting leo. We have had lots from them and have never been unhappy.

Their website has an online sut designer, so your DD can create the suit of her dreams and they will make sure it fits. The suit designer is such a fun thing, my girls are always making new suits, most of which I never buy.:D
I would talk to her coach about the fit problem since they don't like the shorts and biketards. DD is one of those that will take her shorts off for splits for some reason. Her coach laughs and when she wears a biketard she moves the legs funny.

Your coach may have a suggestion to help make you all happy. Or maybe she can just wear the shorts for certain things.
My dd is also small and slender. She is 4"6 and 60 pounds---long and lean. She can wear GK, but she is STILL in a CM. We have bought some CL, but some are still way to big. Her competition leo is a CM b/c her coach likes the fit tight.

I find that leos are very different, even within the brand. We always have to try on. We have had good luck with Satara b/c they offer more sizes. We have not tried Alpha Factor, mainly because our gym doesn't sell it and I am afraid to order w/o trying on. there is also a site called K-Bee leos and they also have a variety of sizes. The only place you can get them is via the internet--that is a downfall in my book.

I wish you luck---but try Satara and see how that works.
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