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  1. C

    Parents GK website issue?

    Is anyone else having trouble placing an order on the GK website? It will allow me to put items into my cart but when I went to checkout, I had to create an account, which I did. I then verified the account through my email, logged in and did the "I'm not a robot" picture test correctly. But...
  2. caitiejoy

    Parents GK sizing help!

    I am 5' 2" and about 110 pounds. My torso is 59 inches and I want to order a GK leotard. For medium, the torso on the size chart is 57-59 inches, and for large 60-62. Which leotard do you suggest I get? I ordered a small before this and way too tight!
  3. D

    WAG Alpha Factor vs GK sizing

    We have always had GK leos. My daughter is currently an AM size in GK. She was issued her HS comp leo. It’s Alpha factor size AME. I assume this is adult medium but it’s a complete assumption on my part. She feels it uncomfortably tight in her shoulders. Is this a typical fit for Alpha Factor...
  4. luciaaa

    Parents GK Leotard

    Hi, I had been doing gymnastics since i was like 3 but i took a break and now i'm 12 and starting again I recently ordered 2 gk leos, and for some reason 1 was super tight, and the other one somewhat tight. Planning on returning the smaller one, but should I size up the "somewhat tight one"...
  5. S

    Parents Washing GK leo....need advice!

    DD’s team switched Leo’s this year from Alpha Factor to GK. Not only was it twice as expensive, but the gemstones are falling off like crazy! I am a hand washer, usually just the armpit and crotch areas with a tiny bit of soap. I am trying to be super gentle, but I feel like any time a gemstone...
  6. M

    MAG Under Armor/GK singlet help

    My son's comp singlet is made by Under Armour and he has managed to outgrow his Adult XL. (he is both tall and stocky.) I am having a heck of a time finding a reliable Under Armour fit guide online nor can I find out if they even make a larger size. Also it appears UA and GK are in a partnership...
  7. Carly

    WAG GK Competiton leo sizing

    DD didn't have a gk leo last season so it's been 2 years since she's been measured for a gk comp leo. I measured her as an AXS leo and she was at the bottom of the torso range. She tried on the sizing stuff that gk sent and the AXS leo was extremely tight. So she tried on the AS which was a...
  8. momstrong

    Parents GK practice leo sizing?

    I was going to order my 10 yo a GK leo for xmas and am not sure on the sizing since we've never had a GK practice leo. Her comp leo is GK and an extremely close fit CL. I'm wondering if I should go up to a AS. Her much shorter teammate wears a CM comp and went up to a loose AXS. I don't want it...
  9. D

    WAG Sports bras for girls not GK

    Tried searching and nothing popped. Daughters comp leo is V back and front colored mesh but sheer on top. She has need of a childs sports bra, clear straps. I am not a GK fan (their customer service is horrible), its unavoidable at times but I no longer willingly give my dollars to them. I...
  10. K

    Zone leotards sizing vs Gk and Alpha factor

    I am wearing GK As and Alpha factor ASM. please tell me if I should order size 32 or 34 Zone leotard. I don't want to tight but not too big either. Thank you.
  11. Ali'sMom

    WAG GK Briefs - sizing question

    Does anyone know if the briefs run about the same size as the leos, or do they differ one way or the other? Thanks!
  12. Sarah_the_gymnast

    WAG Major GK Elite sale

    Just wanted to let you know that GK elite is doing a huge sale on the new leotard styles. Like 50% off kind of huge. If GK is your brand of choice, you might want to check it out. GK Elite Clearance The UA Noble Replica Leotard is on sale from $70 to $35, same with the UA Fearless Replica...
  13. Sarah_the_gymnast

    WAG Places to get cheap GK elite leotards?

    I love GK leotards, but they run around $60 on the website and I just can't pay that much for a practice leotard. So, is there anywhere I can find them cheaper? Thanks
  14. Ali'sMom

    WAG Sizing: GK versus UnderArmour sold by GK?

    Can anyone tell me if the sizes for the underarmour leos at GK run the same as regular GK leos?
  15. G

    Parents GK kids leotard questions pls help!!

    Hi my dd is nearly 4, I am going to get her a leotard for training as she loves her gym. Gk do a lovely kids range, I have a couple of questions - all the little ones in the gym are wearing sleeveless leotards, I think long sleeved look smarter & winter is very cold where we are but she wants a...
  16. trampolinemom

    MAG men's long pants which brand? GK too wide

    My 9 year old DS is in trampolining and just outgrew his brandless long white pants. Now I ordered GK (the lightweight version) pants that do fit in length but they seem ridiciously wide. So wide that they look very sloppy. Do you have experience with other brands? (I am thinking Ervy, Moreau...
  17. Mommyo2az

    Parents GK Aly tank loyalty leo

    Totally random but does anyone know how this Leo runs? DD is dying to have one but I hate ordering from gK without first trying on or know how it runs. Team Leo is Gk and she is CM and it is big, but has other Gk tanks that are CM and they are tight!!!
  18. teamgymnast2901

    GK Sale on Under Armour Leo's

    If you go to gkelite.com they are having a sale on there under armour Leo's are on sale for $20 usually they are $70 ish. But hurry there are not a lot of sizes left.
  19. gymbeam

    Parents Leo sizing compared to GK?

    My daughter only wears GK leos because I know their sizing and have been afraid to order anything different. I'd like to try some other brands though! Can you guys tell me some other popular brands and how they fit in comparison to GK? (size AXS to be exact & she has tiny hips and butt but...
  20. aerialriver

    WAG Gk discount place

    sorry name escapes me the GK discounter????? What's the name? And does anyone know if they take PayPal?

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