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4 months ago we moved to florida and my dds biggest issue was bars..she could not get up and she could not do the simplest of skills. 4 months later she has her entire bar routine ans cheers when she goes to bars, She even can do the level 3 bar routine including the dismount. It is a different kid. She enjoys practicing bars. I am so happy. Today she worked on her squat on. Since today was my last time watching I was happy to see her doing well.

gym law mom

Proud Parent
Dec 23, 2006
Glad to hear she's had such a turnaround. Also you made a great decision for her, by dropping her back a few levels and having her really get comfortable with the basics and now, she's taken off.

Have fun swinging Amber!


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Feb 26, 2007
Amazing how things change so quickly. Glad to hear this change has been so good for her.
Aug 16, 2007
omaha, ne
Wow:) Bars is my favorite so I am glad your dd is starting to like it too:) Emily still isn't loving bars but I hope she does one day because it is my favorite event to watch:)


Cool! That is such good news. I know bars if often a big difficulty spot for girls. It happens to be my dd's favorite event and one she does not struggle with too much. Now if only I could get her feeling better about vault. :)

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