For Parents Making team without all required skills


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Apr 29, 2021
My 5yr old is in a "hot shots" type class for 4-6yr olds currently. They had coaches come in and evaluate them the past couple of practices. I kind of assumed she would probably make pre-team but wasn't even sure of that because our gym is pretty large. I just got an email however that she is being placed on the level 2 team. I am kind of shocked as she does not have all of her level 2 skills. She has a pull-over and back hip circle but her dismount is iffy at best. She just got her handstand dismount on beam. She has all floor skills. Her vault is a mess because she's so tiny and has trouble getting a lot of power off the springboard.

I am honestly confused as to how she made it. Do they think with the increased practice hours (6 hours instead of 2) they can get her there?


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Jan 4, 2008
Team coaches aren’t necessarily looking for skills but for potential. Team do plenty of hours, they can learn the skills there.

They look for strength, flexibility, speed, technique, teachability, effort and guts.


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Dec 22, 2016
My daughter has never had all the skills for the next level when she has been moved up and she has always done just fine. They do lots of uptraining over the summer and they are very experienced at being able to tell what kids will be able to get in a certain timeline. She has always had her skills by the start of the season. I think the gyms that have foresight like this are the best place to be. They have months to train before the competition season realistically they shouldnt have all the skills right now.


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Feb 9, 2020
My DD3 is in a similar program, it’s their developmental program for 4-6 year olds that will put them on track to start team when the coach feels like they are ready for increased hours and are at a point where they think that they are teachable.
If the coach and you feel like she can handle it, go ahead and try. You could also ask about if they have a pre-team that is different than your hot shots class. Some gyms consider their developmental program/hot shots as their pre-team. Others will have a separate pre-team. If they do, then the pre-team will maybe give her more hours of practice without the team commitment (buying the Leo, setting up and paying into an expense account, being required to work at any gym-sponsored meets or events, all of the little unknown things that you don’t realize you have to commit to).
FWIW, my DD3 is in a developmental program at our gym and was invited to team and I declined. I have 2 other kids who have been on team for 7 years, so I didn’t have a problem declining because I’m not new to the game but It wasn’t because she doesn’t have the skills. She doesn’t have the maturity quite yet to be in that sort of environment and she’s close to age 5. Also consider if you think she’s ready in that regards. You aren’t obligated to commit and if you are on the fence, ask if there are any other options. Good Luck!

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