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Hey every body. I have this stupid mental block on my wana be front tumbling pass. I am practicing it on tumble track while my hand is hurt. The pass is gna be front handspring front layout front tuck. But becuase of my hand I'm just doing front layout front tuck and doing the front tuck onto the resie mat. But for some reason I just won't do the front tuck. I have a decent front layout and I always rebound out of it. And I DO know how to do it. I just recently got it on Monday and I feel confendent about it. But yesterday and today I have had the same problem. I just WON'T do the front tuck out of it. And today I took 20 minuts to do it. Then I would do a couple and then I would just not do it. Then I wouldnt even do my front layout. But then I started doing them again, and stoped and started, then stoped then started. I even took my own advice that I give people and take a deep breath and just do it, But that didn't work. I just want to do it consitently so I can hopefuly compete level 8.:cool:
I would start out small and do dive rolls and gradually get higher.
You could also visualize yourself doing it and think positive. I can't really help much because I have no experience with such hard passes. Hope I helped.
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