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Nationals Ticket Prices Are INSANE!

Discussion in 'Women's Artistic Gymnastics (WAG)' started by GymFan96, Mar 11, 2018.

  1. Early bird tickets through a member club have very reasonable prices. If you aren't at a member club in the area I'd recommend calling some around Boston and ask if they are selling tickets. Early bird ticket prices are good through the end of the month.
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  2. I likely will, although I hate to pay for them and not be sure I can sell them.
  3. I thought the ticket prices were pretty outrageous, too. I went to P&G Championships in 2015 when it was in Indianapolis, and I got tickets to every session, junior and senior men and women, for $280.00. I had gold level seating and my discount was as a USAG professional member. I cannot pay the price for Nationals this year, though. No way.

    Instead, I am going to the U.S. Classic in Columbus, Ohio, which is in July. The early bird price for platinum level seats is $89.00, and that includes all three sessions of HOPES, junior and senior elite. Anyone else attending?
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  4. Gold level seating is $199 for all junior/senior men and women sessions if you buy through a club participating in the early bird ticket sales.
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  5. Really? Are there platinum level seats? Or is gold the highest?
  6. RDTmom said earlier the VIP Platinum seats are $499, but those are probably the very best seats and include a meet and greet and other stuff. Gold is usually still good seats. I don’t have access to the club sales program right now but someone else on the thread might have more details.
  7. Well, U.S. Classic is still better suited to my budget, and I have a buddy that lives out there too who I can stay with. It's also the only major USA elite meet I haven't been to. I've attended Nationals once, and the American Cup twice. It's time I saw the U.S. Classic!
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  8. Having a buddy to stay with is definitely better than shelling out for a hotel in Boston! The Hopes Championship should be great, there are some impressive hopes athletes right now!
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  9. I haven't been to Nationals in years, partly because of ticket prices. Also because they always seem to happen in cities where hotels and parking are very pricey. I totally get the draw of having them in major cities where there are big arenas and lots of tourist attractions, but a less expensive city would be nice!
    It's a great experience if you are local and can afford the ticket prices, so I would definitely jump at the chance, especially if your gym is selling at the member club rate. Any unwanted tickets should be pretty easy to get rid of closer to the date if you have decent seats and put a good price on them.
  10. Columbus is a nice city. People for the most part are very friendly.
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  11. There are Platinum Seats too... Maybe @RDTmom would be willing to sell the Women's Session tix to you since she only wants the mens sessions ;)
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  12. I am going to the senior women’s session of Classic with some other team moms! Our girls have team camp that weekend, so we are going without them...lol!
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  13. I'm officially going to the US Classic in Columbus, Ohio on Saturday, the 28th! Will anyone else be there? I have tickets for both the junior and senior sessions. I'm always open to meeting new people, so let me know if you're open to meeting, getting lunch, or dinner! :)

    Also, I have my tickets for the US Classic, but I'm not able to make the Hopes Championships on Friday, July 27th. Is anyone interested in buying the Hopes tickets from me? They are Platinum level seats, section 105, right by the uneven bars!
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  14. I’m going! I don’t have tickets yet, but my daughter will be competing, so I guess I have to figure out some tickets, lol!
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  15. She’s competing at the Hopes Championships? That’s AWESOME! Do you want the Hopes ticket I have? It’s only for one person.
  16. No, she’s in the junior session, so I will probably just buy a ticket to all three. She has friends that are Hopes so we will definitely go watch!
  17. Wow! Junior Elite?! That's AMAZING! I'm going to see a ChalkBucket kid compete in person, so freaking cool. :D Good luck to her!
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  18. Do you still have tickets for the HOPES session??? We are hoping that our daughter will qualify to the championship, we don't want to buy tickets until we know if she does. So just curious if you still have the HOPES tickets or not.
  19. You’re in luck. I haven’t sold yet, but it’s only one ticket. Keep me updated on what happens with Lily!
  20. I will, thank you so much!!
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