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  1. Coach Kate

    WAG Dev Nationals 2023

    Anyone have athletes competing this weekend that we can root for and celebrate?! I believe @FlippinLilysMom has one who already rocked it!
  2. Pigeon

    MAG Nationals!!!

    Nationals schedule has been posted! Can any one explain to me how the level 10 Regional team works. It looks like it is right after the JE session, so does that mean the JE kids aren't part of the regional team? Do the kids on the regional team compete in the regular JN sessions as well? Do...
  3. G

    WAG Easterns / Nationals Locations?

    Does anyone know where Level 9 Easterns or DP Nationals are supposed to be in 2023? I am surprised nothing has been announced yet. I feel like some gym has to know they are hosting.
  4. JBS

    Parents 2022 DP Nationals (Girls & Boys)

    I have to say… this opening ceremony for Nationals is pretty cool…
  5. X

    WAG nationals in xcel

    Hi, last year was my first year at xcel and there was a lot of covid cases so we didn't really go to any meets. so I was wondering if xcel goes nationals like jo.
  6. D

    WAG can anyone out there explain how the new selection process for nationals works for specialists?

    We have a senior on our team who could possibly make nationals as a specialist, she is solely going to regionals as a specialist, so she is hoping...but we weren't sure how it all says that the top four girls in each event who do not qualify as all arounders will make it for each...
  7. J

    WAG Event Specialists at L10 Nationals

    Hello! I saw / heard that there is now a path for event specialists to compete at nationals, which is cool. But I read the press release and don’t really understand how it will work? Can someone explain it to me? Below is the press release, and the part about specialists is about 2/3 of the way...
  8. IreneKa

    WAG Junior Nationals

    Not on the topic of leos, but just wanted to say congratulations to your daughter, she did amazing! Do you have any videos to share? Why doesn't USAG post any videos of juniors, only the seniors?
  9. JBS

    WAG Level 10 Developmental Nationals

    How did everyone do at Nationals in Daytona? I have to say we had a blast. We were completely busy the entire time. Wish we would have stayed another day or two. We did the Richard Petty NASCAR ride along experience at Daytona Speedway. We ate at a cool historic restaurant that was right on...
  10. skschlag

    MAG Nationals

    I had to share this. D went into finals a point ahead on pommel horse, and was ending on horse. It was his last event as a junior gymnast. HIs favorite. The one he had a shot to win. Everyone was nervous, even the coach. IT was a LOOOONG meet waiting for this. I will let you watch..but...
  11. skschlag

    MAG Rotation Sheets for Nationals

    Rotation sheets are out!
  12. MuggleMom

    Parents Nationals Jr A Session Tickets

    I have a friend that is looking for an extra ticket to the Saturday 8am Session on 5-15 for Nationals. They are allowing 4 spectators but they are hoping if possible to get an extra ticket as they have 5 that would like to attend. If anyone knows someone with an extra ticket to that session that...
  13. skschlag

    MAG Nationals!

    Well, he did it! He is heading to nationals! It was a rough meet, but he pulled thru and made it. We think he made the JO team for our region too, but we are waiting for confirmation on that. His JO career is not over yet :) WHo will be there??
  14. Pigeon

    MAG Regional Allotments for Nationals

    Looks like the regional allotments for Nationals have been posted: The table is at the very end of the PDF. The PDF was posted on the nationals website, under Coaches Information.
  15. G

    WAG Nationals

    Earlier this year, I was stressed about senior prom and Nationals being the same weekend. Now she is not doing either :(. This would have been the first L10 season she isn't hurt and has a chance to qualify to Nationals. I am watching old videos and making up the whole competition in my head...
  16. skschlag

    MAG MAG JO Nationals

    Just heard from our coach that nationals have been cancelled. I am sure they will send out more info later on whether or not they are trying to see about rescheduling. But for now, the word is, cancelled.
  17. amiandjim

    WAG JO Nationals is NOT in Indy for 5 years! Coach P will be!
  18. twinmomma

    T&T/Rhythmic/Acro nationals 2020?

    I know the expectation is that next year will be earlier because it's an olympic year. Anyone have a more firm set of information other than the Draft calendar from 7/11 on USAG's T&T website? I ask because depending on how early it is it may interfere with 8th grade graduation for my...
  19. T

    WAG JO Nationals 2019- brag post

    Congratulations to all the competitors at JO Nationals 2019. it was awesome witnessing some of the amazing gymnasts from around the country. DD's JrD group was on fire and won the session with a 154.050. It was rough waking up and having to compete at 5AM California time but DD did an amazing...
  20. gymgal

    WAG When will USAG upload individual routine videos from nationals?

    I know they have the 4 screen live feeds right now but wondering when the individual gymnasts/events would be available. I can't remember from past years. It's just too difficult to scan through the 4 event feeds to find particular gymnasts.