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Hi everyone,
My 7 yo daughter is currently in a Rising Stars program at the gym here in my town. I'm anxious to learn all I can about the sport. I'm feeling pretty green. She's been in Gymanstics for about a year and a half and seems to enjoy it. I look forward to exploring this site more!
welcome dazed, my dd is also currently on a pre-team. Comp. gymnastics is still pretty new to us too but with so many great posters here we have learned a ton. Hope it helps you as well. LGCM
Welcome to The Chalk Bucket...please tell all your friends. I started this site to help connect the gymnastics world. The greatest part of this board is the education between the different groups in gymnastics...mainly the coaches and the parents. It helps everyone see from different points of view.
Hi! Our old gym didn't really have a pre-team program that I knew of. My daughter was invited to join the team program from a regular once-a-week rec class. That was in February and she was competing by September. We had a really fast learning curve. But she and I both love every minute of it. Rachel is 9 and we live in Washington state. In the early 90's, we lived outside of Denver for five years. What part of Colorado are you living in?
We live in CO! Welcome. Where do you live? I think we're about the only ones on here from CO. My daughter is 10 and has done her 1st season as a Level 6.
Sorry it took so long to reply! We are living in Grand Junction. It's just the right size for us.
Not open for further replies.