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Hey everyone! I'm a level 4 gymnast. I am a first year. I am 11 years old and in fifth grade. I have one meet left of the season. It's Championships!

Hey Alex! Not that I don't know you or anything cuz im the one who told you about this. And we go to the same gym! best gym ever!!!!!! haha, welcome to cb tho!

what was ur aa at states btw?
I don't even know I'll tell you when we get our scores back!! haha
I don't know. But I want to move up because all of my friends are second years so they're moving up. But I might.
Welcome and good luck at states !! My daughter is 11 too - she sometimes posts on here as flippymonkey - not too often - not much time - I'm sure you understand, lol. She just moved to level 7.
Welcome Alex!!! My dd is 9 and just starting Level 4! She is very excited! She has a lot to learn but ready and willing. She has done All Star cheer for the past 3 years and wants to do something different.
Good luck at championships!!!!!
Not open for further replies.