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May 3, 2008
I was wondering if anyone knew why I would not have any energy during gymnastics practice. I come into the gym with some energy, but not alot. I feel languid, or without energy for the rest of practice and I can't practice my skills to my full potential. Could it be the way I sleep or eat since I got out of school on summer break. Any comments are appreciated.
Changing sleep hours---what time you go to bed, how many hours of sleep etc. can affect how you feel energy wise. I would recommend you try to keep your school sleep schedule as much as possible during the summer. Yes, also consider what you're eating and when. How do you feel mentally when going into practice? Glad to be there, so-so, wishing you were someplace else? Do you feel tired at other times of the day when not at practice? If so, I would recommend getting a check up with your family doc. Never hurts to make sure you are in good physical shape.
How do you feel mentally when going into practice? Glad to be there, so-so, wishing you were someplace else? Do you feel tired at other times of the day when not at practice?

When I go to gymnastics, I always have the feeling of I am so glad to be there. I wouldn't want to be anywhere but in the gym. I usually feel tired in the morning before practice. I will talk to my mom about a doctors appointment. Thank-you!
If it's in the morning, make sure to eat a good breakfast, without a ton of sugarwhich can make you crash.
It absolutely could be your sleep or eating. Summer time also has less structure so the lack of schedule could be affecting you. Think about what you're eating that's different now than when you were in school. I have celiac disease - the inability to digest wheat, barley, rye and oats - and one of my early symptoms was fatigue. It may be subtle, but there were times when I ate more wheat products and therefore felt more tired.

I would also encourage you to see a doctor. If you're not going to bed at 2am and getting up at 6am or something else really obvious, you might have something wrong. Fatigue is a common indicator of many diseases both major and minor so it's best to get it checked out. Good luck!
I'd say it's most likely one of these three things:

1) Diet. Are you giving your body enough fuel to make it through the workout? The ideal diet varies a bit from person to person, and I'm not an expert on nutrition, so perhaps some other coaches with more expertise in this area could weigh in here, but I will say that I've always found that food with lots of carbohydrates (ie pasta) tends to give me the most energy for working out.

2) Sleep. Are you getting enough of it? If you're in middle school or highschool, I would bet a fair amount that you aren't. And it's understandable; few people do in that age range. But if you do your best to find time for a solid 8 hours of sleep every night, you'll probably have more energy.

3) Burnout. Can be either physical or mental. Perhaps you just need a break. This is not something anybody else can advise you on; you're the only one who can answer the question of whether you're getting burnt out.
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Yeah, make sure you get enough sleep and definitely eat enough. Some extra carbs the night before might help, because that is more long term fuels your body for longer then sugar which will crash real quick after you eat it. Overall, make sure you eat plenty. You need a lot more energy when doin any sports training than normally, so if you run out of fuel, u should eat more the next day so it doesnt happen. Good luck!!
Are you spending a lot of time in the sun or swimming at the pool??? Swimmimg can take a LOT out of you. I try not to let my dd swim on practice days just cause I know it wears her out. Also, sunbathing can also suck the energy and water right out of you!!! You may also be hitting a growth spurt so your body is more tired because it is growing and changing.
I was going to say exactly what MdGymMom suggested. Laying out in the sun or swimming could be exhausting you.
If it has been going on for a while I would go to the doctor just to play it safe - they can rule out things like mono or anemia - both of which would make you really tired.

I also agree with the sun and heat thing of summer - that takes the energy out of lots of people. On days that my dd seems more tired than usual I send her to gym with a water bottle filler with lots of ice, a little water and orange juice. Sounds strange - but orange juice works a lot better to replenish electrolytes than artificial sports drinks. She says it helps on those really tired days.

And of course, make sure you get enough sleep - but don't sleep too late into the morning. A lot of people get messed up if the stay up really late and sleep until noon the next day even though technically they slept long enough.

I hope you get your normal energy back soon :)
Is your gym air conditioned? I know on the really hot days of summer all I want to do is sit on a mat and do nothing. Are you tired when you're not at practice?
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